Backblast: Black Ops at The Garden at St. Patrick’s


I was texting with Huggies and Nino last night about Q’s for St. Patrick’s. The discussion led to when we should start Tuesday workouts because Thursday’s are going really well. I joked that I would Q tomorrow, which they took seriously. So at 9 PM, we sent out a Pre-blast, updated the calendar, and Huggies sent an email to the St. Patrick Men’s Group to introduce F3 to the parish.

I figured we would have 3-4 PAX show up.  We ended up with 7 guys coming out, including 1 FNG that learned about us from the email!

PAX: Nino, Huggies, Catfish, FNG (Governor), Lady Bird (R), Frosted Tips, Nice and Slow (Q)

I have a really juicy workout planned for St. Pat’s sometime in the future, but I need time to prep for it, so that WO was a non-starter. Nino mentioned he had a workout dice that I could use. I took him up on that offer.

Workout Dice

We did the normal warmup – SSH, GG, EW, stretches.

Thang 1: Roll the dice, do the exercise…then sprint 30 yards and back…repeat.  On the fifth roll, after completing the exercise, we ran up the Mountain “prisoner style” (hands locked behind the head).  At the summit, we completed 10 burpees and ran back down to start on the dice rolling exercises.

Thang 2: We ran around the campus and every minute stopped and a PAX was chosen to lead a Mary exercise.

Thang 3: We sprinted back up the mountain prisoner style and moseyed back down to the flag.

Flag: We did name-o-rama, named our FNG – Governor, announcements, and intentions.  Finished off with an Our Father.

Really appreciate all the guys coming out today on such short notice. It was a solid group.

I want to give a shout out to Governor (our FNG). He received a pretty cool name because he came out due to Huggies email (great work Huggies) to the St. Pat’s Men’s Group. He did not know anyone or anything about F3 before last night. We all really hope he comes back. 

We can now officially plan for St. Pat’s to have workouts every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you have not made it out, come and experience it. It is a really great site.

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