Back-Blast – North Posh – 5/20/19

The birthdays aren’t quite as anticipated as they once were but I was looking forward to getting out ITG yesterday and starting 41 off the right way. Several months back, CI Q’d at North and incorporated the lake, about a 1/4 mile from the parking lot, into his workout. North Posh is the most unique site in terms of landscape and that was the first time we had used the lake in any of the workouts. It was one of my favorite workouts at North and I wanted to run it back yesterday.

Here is a list of who came out:



Nice and Slow


Captain Insane-O


Uncle Rico









We moseyed out of the parking lot promptly at 5:30a.m. after the short disclaimer. We ventured down the paved trail to the gazebo area and across the path by the lake. We gathered in the parking lot at the top of the short set of stairs and did a quick warm-up:

SSH x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Grass Grabbers x 20

We then partnered up and started the set. Partner 1 ran a hard lap around the lake(1/4 mile) and back up to the parking lot. Partner 2 started on repping out on the following list:

150 HR Merkins

200 Lunges(both legs = 1 Rep)

100 Burpees

250 Squats

300 SSH

150 Calf Raises

200 Flutter Kicks

There wasn’t a lot of mumblechatter during the workout and we went right up to about 6:10. At that time, we broke into 2 lines and did an Indian Run back up to the parking lot.

We circled up for intentions and announcements. TAP’s for Viking’s neighbor that was killed in a tragic car accident over the weekend.

May Ruck this Friday in St.Matthews.

Overall, yesterday was a great day and that had a lot to do with the way it started. There is nothing better than getting out there and getting after it with you guys. Thanks for being there.


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