Backblast: Nice and Slow Q – Racing Around the Garden

St Pats SpeedwayWeather: 66 degrees with 71% humidity – perfect morning

Pax: Fructose, Domino, Jewel, Uncle Rico, Husky, Goose, Minnow, Holler, Sarbanes, Nice and Slow (Q)

I planned this workout on the night before and wanted to try a few new things and do some old things too. My goal is always to get heart rates up (above 150 in the first five minutes) and keep them there. This is important for getting in great shape and caloric burning.

Workout: Run up Everest and stretch and do initial exercises.

Then we made our way to a loop that I discovered on satellite imagery of the site at the top of the AO. We needed a name for it.  The small loop at the bottom was named Bristol by Huggies.  We named a new loop, which is massive – Talladega. Obviously, the Garden guys are a bit red.

I split Tallageda up into three sections: Section 1: curb touches (where you use the curb and move to the right by touching the top of the curb with each foot), Section 2: Bear Crawl, Section 3: Sprint.  We did this on repeat for 7 minutes.

Then we went to the back hill and split up.  At this point, I realized that some of the group was not going to be able to complete what I had in mind. So I modified on the fly. I gave the PAX the opportunity to choose to run to the top and do 10 pullups and run back or run to the middle and do 20 pushups and run back.  We split the PAX up into two groups and while Wave 1 went, Wave 2 did exercises for 2ish minutes…when Wave 1 returned, they did the exercises for 2ish minutes and then went back up the hill.  The exercises were grinders, coupon skiers, coupon curls, coupon squat thrusters. Each round the PAX completed a different exercise, so we ran up the hill a total of four times, which was not that bad.

We had some time left, so we used Bristol to do five laps.  On one side, we would Bernie Sanders and on the other we would lunge walk.

We ended with a couple of minutes of Mary.

Thanks to all the guys that came out! It was an honor to lead you for 45 minutes.

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