BB: Tuesday – 10/6 – Garden – Nice & Slow Q

I know some of you are intimidated to come, but we had 18 PAX of all ages and fitness levels. Everyone got better. A sincere thank you for all that attended.


Huggies, Natty Light, Subprime, Jimmy Neutron, Edward Scissorhands, Gypsy, Husky (R), Jitterbug (R), Instadoodle, Domino’s, Jewel, Uncle Rico, Diane Duke’s, Private Pyle, Jumpseat, Fertile Myrtle, Worm, Nice and Slow (Q)

We did 11’s on the Hill of Stolen Souls (the FULL hill) and educated the new guys on how to leave time for a Finisher which included 20 seconds of high knees and burpees (first minute – 1 burpee, second minute – 2 burpees…tenth minute – 10 burpees).

It was a really hard workout. If you missed it, come Thursday to the Garden.

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