Preblast. 3/7. The agony at the County.

Since reading “freed to lead” and listening to the F3 Nation podcast more regularly, I appreciate the unique use of letters and numbers to carry ideas in the F3 Lexicon. Whether it is D2X (dolphin, Daffidil) or LDP (leadership development program) or exercises named after numbers (21s) the format always sticks somewhere in my brain cells to make the information memorable.

Using the same theme, for my back blast, I give you 2F1P – Two facts, one prediction. Fact 1: tomorrow at the county will offer a You v. You beat down. Fact 2: we will use some muscles in ways they haven’t been used. Prediction: at times you may think you’ve entered a mirror universe.

I’m pumped for my first Q with the county Boys on Thursday, and I’ll be bringing the heat. SYITG

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