Backblast: 1/16/19 – BO HEAVY at The County

Weather – cold and dreary, spitting mist

9 pax gathered and got the equipment set up.  1 pax came “flying” in hot.

PAX (10): 

Kimble (FNG)





Big Bird

Scuba Steve

Flo Jo




Mosey parking lot to get blood flowing

SSH x 13 (IC)

Front jacks – 26

Kendra Newmans + arm stretches

Copperhead Squats x 13 (IC)

Grassgrabbers x 13 (IC)


We broke into 3 groups (3,3,4) and had 3 stations:

Group 1

HEAVY .5 mile ruck:  Pax loaded up with 30, 40 or even 50 lbs ruck and also grabbed a coupon.  The extra weight on the back as well as the front, made this pretty challenging. Circle the whole campus.

Group 2

All 3 Pax flip Thelma (961 lb tire) x 2

1 Pax does 10 “In & Outs” where you jump in and out of the tire. At 3 ft tall, this is a challenge. The other 2 Pax did Imperial Walkers while they wait and then did their In & Outs.

Rinse and Repeat until the Ruckers got back.

Group 3

With Dumbbells of choosing Pax did Overhead Press, Squats, Curls and Calf Raises in sets of 8-10.  Rinse and Repeat until Ruckers got back.

All 3 groups did all 3 stations and time expired.


Announcements: Awards 1/25, Feed hungry at St. Al 1/23

Intentions for those PAX on the IR to get back soon

Our Father. Amen.

Thanks for letting me lead.



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