I entered my final year of 30’s this week, and as always I reflected on life and what I’m doing with my gift of life. I can honestly say the past three months participating in F3 has been amazing. From developing new friendships in the clown car, to getting to know the PAX at both Poshlands and Vets, it’s truly a fellowship that I am lucky to experience each week.


@Deep Dish


@Ladybird *respect @Methane @Gypsy @Nice and Slow @Retainer @PewPew @Bob Ross @Dynomite @Maxi @Mr Kotter

Gloom conditions:

36 and gloomy

Exiting the car:

The Posh clown car started with the normal routine of @Maxi letting us know we have a good five minutes before we need to exit the car. We exit anyway!

Prompt start:



I am not a professional. Anything I say is a recommendation only; modify as needed.


Mosey to the the next door parking lot. Got a little crazy on this one and entered from far side of parking rather than the norm! PAX adjusted well.

SSH (IC), Grassgrabbers (IC), Nancy Kerrigan (with additional sound effects), Stretch those legs!, Imperial Walkers (IC)


90s / early 2000s rock from a vintage 2007 sirius boombox

The Vets boys get after it, so I decided to incorporate (with modification) a routine that I experienced with a @SnowDay Q.

Partner up!

While partner is running suicide sprints (3 cones) #2 is working to reach a total count.

  • 50 Manmakers – It’s a love / hate relationship with Manmakers
  • 100 Sumo Squats – 谢谢
  • 100 Merkins – You know you love them
  • 50 Dips – Get on it
  • 50 – Elf on the Shelf – Christmas never ends!

To honor the bridge, we mosey to and over the bridge. Bernie sanders on the way up, flip to mosey on the way back down. Repeat to head back towards the flag with a mosey.

10min of Mary chosen by the PAX…..make sure to hold eye contact on the pickle pounders.


Banquet survey

Awards Banquet

When Fri, January 25, 7:30pm – Sat, January 26, 12:30am

Where Saints Pizza Pub & SkyBar, 131 Breckenridge Ln, St Matthews, KY 40207, USA

Southeast Christian Famine Relief –  (more to follow in #mummblechater)

I’m coaching the Lightning to a route over @Kilo and the Bears on the 26th at Hurstbourne Baptist Church, so I’ll be attending one of the events during the week. Message me if you’re interested and need to get connected.

January 23 – 27 · All Campuses

Join us to fight global famine by doing your part in packing 1,000,000 meals which will be distributed through international mission partners working with churches on the field for long term impact.

Sat Jan 26th is open to all! Select the location closest to you and join a table. Once you see this one time you will want to volunteer every year….simply amazing.

Intentions (with lump in throat)

Thanked Dynomite for the HL. I knew F3 would be an experience, but I didn’t realize how much it would impact me through some trials we’ve had with my daughter’s health this year.

“You can impress people from a distance, but you can impact them only up close.” – Howard Hendricks

Let’s make sure we’re taking off the mask and getting up close with our community and those we contact on a daily basis!

End with Prayer

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