Pre-Blast: The Fog (Poshlands) with Deep Dish

Come join some fun in the fog! I’ve been out of the gloom for a bit so I thought there’s no better way to kick off a Saturday than with a Q. We’re going to visit a few of the staples for the posh and there will not be boyo’s…….I’m sick of boyo’s. I hopeContinue reading “Pre-Blast: The Fog (Poshlands) with Deep Dish”

Back-blast: 3/23/2020 – The Incubator (Poshlands)

Let me just say how thankful I am for the group……really thankful. We kicked off our week keeping our distance but getting after it. Let’s get into the details. Mr Kotter, Holy Roller (R), Stick Up, Jitterbug (R), Focker, Deep Dish (QIC) Disclaimer including social distancing. Mosey to parking lot. SSH (20) Grass grabbers (15)Continue reading “Back-blast: 3/23/2020 – The Incubator (Poshlands)”

Backblast 3/7/2020 – The Fog @ Poshlands

The Sky Q provided a glorious morning for my F3 VQ, which, as promised, entailed a tour of South Posh with multiple stops along the way to partake in Thangs. PAX – 11 – SweetTart, Aerobe (R), Skittles, Stick Up, Deep Dish, Tenderfoot, Wapner, Mr. Kotter, Jitterbug (R), Lady Bird (R), Number 2 (R )Continue reading “Backblast 3/7/2020 – The Fog @ Poshlands”

Pre-Blast: 3/7/2020 – The Fog @ Poshlands

I have been planning a springtime VQ in my head for a few weeks now, but with some gentle prodding, have accelerated the time line and look forward to leading Saturday @the Fog. In my few months of intro to F3, I have come to appreciate all the various locations of South Posh and youContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 3/7/2020 – The Fog @ Poshlands”

Pre-Blast 1/15/20: Deep Dish Birthday Q @ The Bridge (Poshlands)

Forecast: It doesn’t matter…..get out to one of the five locations. 1/15 is a day that I’ve thought about frequently over the last three years. Seems pretty obvious since it’s my 40th birthday, but the real reason is the leader of our family passed away on 1/15/17.Grandpa Cowan was the definition of a leader inContinue reading “Pre-Blast 1/15/20: Deep Dish Birthday Q @ The Bridge (Poshlands)”

Backblast 11/4/19 – Incubator (Poshlands) w/ Stick UP

Before I get into the WO and all the fun we had, I want to thank all the HIMs who attended my VQ.  The PAX included Ladybird (Respect)Double Down (Respect)Jitterbug (Respect)Number 2 (Respect)Aerobie (Respect)Iceman (Respect)DeepdishBuzzsawDynomiteMcAfeeMr. KotterRippleStick Up (VQ) COP20 SSHs20 Grass Grabbers20 Imperial WalkersDownward DogCalf StretchRunners Stretch Mosey to the “Bucket O’ Work” The Thang:Continue reading “Backblast 11/4/19 – Incubator (Poshlands) w/ Stick UP”

Way back Back-blast 11.2.19: The Fog (Poshlands)

DisclaimerMr KotterSoft Cell (FNG (R) – Welcome!) Jitterbug(R)JumpseatLatexBuzzsawNumber2(R)WapnerSweeTARTDeep Dish (QIC) Work through the five core principles during the morning. Are free of charge Are open to all men Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary EndContinue reading “Way back Back-blast 11.2.19: The Fog (Poshlands)”

Back Blast 8.20.19 – Douglass Hills Black Ops

Maxi, Bologna, Buzzsaw – FNG (Welcome), Short chang, Snooze – FNG (Welcome), Zipline, Porkchop, Wapner, McAfee, Deep Dish (Q) DisclaimerMosey to concrete padNext exercise is SSH Starting position….move(IC)……. exerciseNext exercise is Grass grabbersStarting position…..move(IC)……. ExerciseDown to plank Stretch out the calves, Right over left, Right up to right hand, Reach for the sky, Left over right,Continue reading “Back Blast 8.20.19 – Douglass Hills Black Ops”

8/14/19 Backblast: Tour de Posh with Water

PAX: Dynomite Minnow Aerobie (R) Nice and Slow Jiayou (FNG) Ladybird (R) Jitterbug (R) Iceman (R) Whitney (R) Latex Nino Woooo Short change Mark Smith (F3_Skirmish) (R) Deep Dish – Q Disclaimer Mosey to the parking lot. Warm upStretch right arm across chestStretch left arm across chestSSH (IC)Plank – Right over left and left overContinue reading “8/14/19 Backblast: Tour de Posh with Water”

6/8 Backblast – The Fog (100s with Deep Dish)

Q – Deep Dish PAX – Jitterbug (R), Whapner, Fructose, Lady Bird (R), McAfee, Deep Dish * Great ask by McAfee to end, so read the ending. Disclaimer Warm upAbe Vigoda (IC)Stretch right arm across chestStretch left arm across chestSSH (20 IC)Plank – Right over left and left over rightSSH (20 IC) 100s – ArmsContinue reading “6/8 Backblast – The Fog (100s with Deep Dish)”

Backblast 3.16.19 The Fog @ Poshlands

Q: Deepdish PAX: LadyBird (R), Jitterbug (R), Aerobie (R), Maxi, DryRub, MrKotter I would usually feel bad about typing a backblast this late, but I’m giving myself a pass. I Q’d The 3/16 Fog before we loaded up the family and headed to Illinois for my grandmas funeral and the backblast fell of of myContinue reading “Backblast 3.16.19 The Fog @ Poshlands”

BackBlast the Extender @ Mutt 2.28.19

PAX: @Zima @Tool Time @Wham-O @Plumb Bob @Buschhhhh @Huggies @Duece @Sump Pump @Pepperoni @Meatball @Newman @Beano @Messy @Snowman @Blueprint @Geppetto @Tiger @Deep Dish (Q) F3 Louisville, please keep Sump Pump and his family in your prayers as they work through the 1yr anniversary of his father-in-laws passing. The bond of the F3 community is somethingContinue reading “BackBlast the Extender @ Mutt 2.28.19”

Backblast: 1/16/19 – The Bridge with Deep Dish

I entered my final year of 30’s this week, and as always I reflected on life and what I’m doing with my gift of life. I can honestly say the past three months participating in F3 has been amazing. From developing new friendships in the clown car, to getting to know the PAX at bothContinue reading “Backblast: 1/16/19 – The Bridge with Deep Dish”