Backblast 3/7/2020 – The Fog @ Poshlands

The Sky Q provided a glorious morning for my F3 VQ, which, as promised, entailed a tour of South Posh with multiple stops along the way to partake in Thangs.

PAX – 11 – SweetTart, Aerobe (R), Skittles, Stick Up, Deep Dish, Tenderfoot, Wapner, Mr. Kotter, Jitterbug (R), Lady Bird (R), Number 2 (R ) VQ

CoR then SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Soldiers/Toy Vigodas, Kendra Nemans, Michael Phelps, Plank, Mountain Climbers, Downward Dog, runners stretch.

Mosey to the coupon parking lot (nah, #2 doesn’t Q coupons) – instead @Jitterbug special Partner Booyah Merkins/Jump Squats.

Next, run – all you want to bridge.  Partner1 springs into march madness with hop jumps to Bobby Hurleys, Mosey, Bernie, Bobby Hurleys, lung walk. Partner 2 AMRAP merkins.  Switch

Next, run – all you want to fountain.  Circle Up – SSH, grass grabbers, plank-jacks.

Next, Indian run to south bridge – oops – path under construction – Indian run back to base of fountain.  Partner Carry to top. Lunge walk down – switch positions, repeat.

Mosey back to bridge – hop jumps to the top, bobby hurleys, lunge walk down.

Prisoner run to 64 underpass.  Intra WO some Mary – flutter kicks, Freddie mercurys, LBCs

Mosey back to coupon parking lot (no coupons again) – Partner 1 suicides partner 2 air jump rope.

Mosey to CoT for final community some Mary, NoR, Intentions

Intention, said and unsaid. 

Final words:

If your actions inspire others to: Dream more, learn more, do more, become more, then you are Leader.  F3 Louisville is packed with Leaders!

Number 2 Out.

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