Tabata Tuesday at the LOCO BB 3/10/2020

Sixteen like minded idiots showed their smiling faces at the county this morning. Conditions: wet, windy, and driving rain. PAX: Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Mayham, Crock Pot, Mama’s Boy, Pelican, Irsay, Focker, Asian Zing (R), Wildflower, Gisele, Kimble, Whiskers, Storm Trooper, Stick-Up, Airplane (Q).

Disclaimer was given and we took off for a short mosey around the lot. COP: SSH (IC), Toy soldiers (IC), Grass Grabbers (IC) downward dog, various combos of left over right, right over left.

Tabata TIME: 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. We did the following:


Merkins with plank “recevory”



Reverse lunges



LL Cool J

Somewhere in there we mixed in 5 BOYO

NOR, COR, announcements : ruck Friday, fund raising for blessings in a backpack. Prayers. Always a pleasure the lead this group.


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