Backblast 11/4/19 – Incubator (Poshlands) w/ Stick UP

Before I get into the WO and all the fun we had, I want to thank all the HIMs who attended my VQ.  The PAX included

Ladybird (Respect)
Double Down (Respect)
Jitterbug (Respect)
Number 2 (Respect)
Aerobie (Respect)
Iceman (Respect)
Mr. Kotter
Stick Up (VQ)

20 SSHs
20 Grass Grabbers
20 Imperial Walkers
Downward Dog
Calf Stretch
Runners Stretch

Mosey to the “Bucket O’ Work”

The Thang:

Cones were place in a rectangle creating 6 segments.  For lap 1, the PAX jogged the first 5 sections and gave an all-out effort for the final section ending at the bucket. 

Each HIM reached into the POSHLAND’s “Bucket O’ Fun” and pulled two tokens. One side of the coin had the exercise to be performed.  The reverse side had the number of reps to be performed.  Once the reps were completed everyone started on their second lap of the course. 

The 2nd lap we jogged 4 sections and gave an all-out effort for the remaining two sections back to the bucket.  Again, two more tokens, and back to the running.

Now, 3 jogs/3 sprints.  We continued the Jog/Sprint ladder while pulling tokens between laps until all 6 sections were done at a sprint. 

If a HIM was able to complete all sections sprinting, he would work his way back down the ladder of running while continuing to reach into the POSHLAND’s “Bucket O’ Fun” between laps.

20 Big Boys (IC)
20 Gas Pumps (IC)
20 LBCs (IC)
20 Flutter Kicks (IC)

COT: Name-O-Rama, Intentions, and finished with words of Thanks.  Again, and I cannot stress this enough, thank you to all who came out on this morning for your support of my VQ and continue to push me to be a better man. 

Keep Diggin’

–          Stick Up 

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