Back-blast: 3/23/2020 – The Incubator (Poshlands)

Let me just say how thankful I am for the group……really thankful. We kicked off our week keeping our distance but getting after it. Let’s get into the details.

Mr Kotter, Holy Roller (R), Stick Up, Jitterbug (R), Focker, Deep Dish (QIC)

Disclaimer including social distancing.

Mosey to parking lot.

  • SSH (20)
  • Grass grabbers (15)
  • Plank (right over left, right up to right hand, hand to sky, right under chest. Repeat for left)
  • SSH (20)
  • Separate to your social distance assignment of two parking spaces.
  • Thang 1: Starting at the bottom left of your parking spot, sprint to top right, line touch, bernie to bottom right, line touch, sprint to top left, line touch, bernie to bottom left, line touch. Repeat until time is called.
  • Repeat thang 1 and substitute line touches with BOYOS
  • 15 Merkins on your own
  • Repeat thang 1
  • Divide into groups of 2
    • One group run counter clockwise around egg lawn, other group clockwise, and third group to the fountain and back.
  • Repeat thang 1 for thang 2
  • Back to the flag for some Mary

Andy says keep your distance!

Deep Dish

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