Now that I’ve washed my eyes of  the simulated throwing motion of some of the Pax, I can now see clearly to type.

As Pitchers and Catchers reported to spring training this week, I thought it would be a good time to warm our legs up for some base running.


  1. Mama’s Boy
  2. Cochran
  3. Kimble
  4. Gilligan
  5. Launch Pad ®
  6. Meter Maid
  7. Alexa
  8. Scratch N Dent
  9. Ashley
  10. Big Bird
  11. Wildflower
  12. Bulletin (R)
  13. Jerry Maguire (RR)
  14. Le Pew
  15. Pew Pew
  16. Cupid (FNG) – Charlie Judie
  17. Abacus
  18. Fungi – Q

After the intro of FNG (later named Cupid)  and a Disclaimer, we lined up on one end of the parking lot

Mosey down, mosey back

Mario down, mosey back

Bernie, mosey back

Slide down, slide back

Karaoke down, karaoke back



Grass grabbers (13 IC)

Quad Pulls

Hip Pulls

Downward Dog for calf Stretches

Runners Stretch

Kendra Newmans


After showing the PAX the baseball diamond with the home plate and bases lined out:


THANG 1 – Pitchers and Catchers

Partner 1  – 20 Simulated throws with deep knee bend (10 each leg)

Partner 2 – Squat into catcher position with each of partners throws


THANG 2 – Circle the bases

Group 1

Sprint to 1st, mosey around 2nd, 3rd to home.

Spring to 2nd, mosey to 3rd then home.

Sprint to 3rd, mosey to home.

Sprint “inside the park” home run.


Group 2 held Al Gore for first two laps around bases then Plank for second to laps

Groups then switched.


MAIN THANG – As individuals but it was good to see similar PAX team up and challenge each other


Sprint to 1st – 10 Overhead press with Coupon – mosey back to Home.

Sprint to 2nd – 20 Merkins – mosey back to home

Sprint to 3rd – 30 Big Boys – mosey back to home

Sprint “Inside the park home run” 40 Squats


Rinse and Repeat (most did 4-5x)



Abacus Q tomorrow at Pleasantville  – no running!


Intentions – to be good Husbands and Dads on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Go the extra mile for the M like we’d do for each other.
Our Father…

Best wishes to get past 2nd Base…

It’s always fun – FUNGI


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