3/16/19 Backblast – BlackOps Sparta – Terrain Race

Weather – chilly and windy, water temp: Pretty darn cold

Gear – old and thin

PAX – Le Pew, Trekke, Valdez, Exxon, Fungi, Ragner (DR F3Cincy)

Others involved: Mark, Allison, Reese, Sydney, Maggie (Fungi Fam)

Several months ago a few of signed up for the Terrain Race at KY Motor Speedway. The advertisements looked fun, they also looked warm with people in shorts and tank-tops trekking through water.  Now on race day in sub-40 windy temps, the clothing options were debatable.

We gathered to wait for our heat time and Lew Pew took the 2.0s on a mosey to warm up.  While waiting we notice another F3 shirt and Le Pew (I think) makes intros  with Ragner and we learn he’s from F3Cincinnati. They have 3 AOs and are trying to grow. He’s by himself, but not for long.  We insist he roll with us and he was a trooper all day, helping to watch out for our Six. You could tell he was a HIM.

About 10 minutes to go time, we moseyed to the starting line and waited while the music blared and tried to get the blood flowing.

8:45 and off we go. 3.1 run with obstacles such as wall climbs, monkey bars, wading through chest high water, tired flips, tire hammers with sledge, concrete ball drag on chain, cargo net climb, rope swing, mud crawl, creek jumps, and several more spiced in some variety.  About an hour later we finish.

The general sentiment was fun, great fellowship, but next time let’s do it during a summer month!  CSAUP rang true but now we’ve got stories, which is all that matters.

We prayed to get the feeling back in our toes.

Until next time – Fungi


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