3/16/19 – Coffeeteria – Waffle House

Pax – Valdez, Exxon, Le Pew, Trekke, Fungi

Others in attendance – Maggie, Reese, Sydney

After the Terrain Race we decided warm drinks,  some grub, and additional fellowship were in order. After trying a closed McD’s, Valdez and Le Pew made the Waffle House call.

Fungi and Trekke forgot dry shoes after the race so it was a good thing the Waffle House crew was OK with clean socks. No shoes, no problem.  Heck, it’s Waffle House, I think anything goes.

2.0s in the booth, 3 Pax at the bar talking race, plant-based, frontal cortex and mumblechatter with the locals and waitresses.

The race was fun, but the 2nd F always ties it together.


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