5/3/19 Back Blast – Pleasantville – Fungi Q

Weather – Soaking Rain (and a little thunder and lightning)

Gear – flowery swim trunks (gonna get wet!), dry fit shirt, ball cap

Pax -Kimble, Grinder, Meter Maid, Big Bird, Crock Pot, Fungi (Q)

I based my wienke on the AOlympics, and based on the small dose this morning, the Decathletes are in a for a beat down on May 18.

Event 1 –  .5 mile mosey

Event 2 -Warmups


Leg stretches

Kendra Newmans

Good mornings (Hug and Hulk)

Event 3 – 100 meter dash

Got loose for this by 100 M quick mosey, 100 M karaoke, 100 M Bernie Sanders, 100 M 75% run

Event 4 – 400 M Run

Partnered up, while P1 ran 400, P2 planked, then switched

Event 5 – 2 Min Box Jumps

Event 6 – 2 Min Merkins

Each Pax had a tennis ball and the Merkin didn’t count unless your chest touched the ball  – this makes it much tougher and eliminates the head bob.

Event 7 – Broad Jump 20 yds down and 20 yds back

Event 8 – Medicine ball throw – 10 lbs. 

30 ft was about the standard and there was no consensus on the best technique

Event 9 – Shuttle Run  (20/40 yards)

Event 10 – 2 Min Big Boys

Event 11 – .25 mile mosey back to flag


We definitely accomplished the 3S2T workout guidelines. For those not familiar, that’s Speed, Strength, Stamina and Mental Toughness and Physical Toughness.

Announcements – 1 yr black ops anniversary for the County on Sunday – check slack for time

Intentions – Retainer Mom and Derby/Oaks goers and visitors.

Stay dry,



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