1/31/23 Backblast The Loco at The County – Fungi Q

Weather – a bit chilly and little dicey

Goal for today – stay vertical (except big boys)

Pax – Double Pump, Tinkle, Pelican, Dauber, Air Raid (R), Giselle, Valdez, CrockPot, HushPuppy, Jolly Rancher, Fungi (Q)

COP – lap around parking lot to demonstrate 4 corners exercises l, 20 SSH IC, 20 Copperhead Squats IC, Kendra Newman’s

Main (and only) Thang

Corner 1 – Curls and Overhead Press

Corner 2 – Big Boys and Step/Jump Ups

Corner 3 – Bobby Hurleys and Imperial Walkers

Corner 4 – Merkins and Calf Raises

Start at 1 rep at each corner and increase 1 on every lap. I think most got to 9 or 10. Each lap was about 1/4 mile. We got in ~2.7 miles and about 50 of each exercise. And no one slip/fell. Except Pelicans coupon.

Announcements- Awards coming up

Intensions – HushPuppy Mom surgery tomorrow and Chesney (11 yr old brain surgery recovery)

I also to the pax I thought I had a win last night…

M to my Daughter: – “where did you go”

Daughter: “to take envelope to the mail [in cold spitting rain]”

M: “your dad MADE you take the envelope to the mail?”

Me: “I ASKED her to take the envelope to the mail and she lovingly accepted”

Daughter: “we don’t have a lot of demands in this house, only expectations….and sometimes that’s worse”

As leaders, we don’t have to demand things, we need to set expectations, model them, and let others follow.

As it says in Luke 12:48, to whom much is given, much is expected. We have all been given a lot in way of 1F and 2F, now we are expected to 3F. Go be the light.

Always an honor to lead – Fungi

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