3/21/23 Spring Training – The Loco at The County – Fungi Q

I channeled the 18 yr old Fungus, back to my high school fungo ball days on the HS baseball field.

Weather – cool, crisp 29 degrees


Big Bird
Jolly Rancher
Double Pump
Jitterbug (R)
Kitty Litter (R)
Fungi (Q)

COP – Ran .5 mile loop, SSH (20 ic) Imp Walkers (10 ic), Toy soldiers (10 ic), grass grabbers (10 ic) Leg Stretches, Good Mornings

First Thang

Sprint to First Base – 5 Burpees, mosey around bases to home

Sprint to 2 base – 10 merkins, mosey around to home

Sprint to 3rd Base – 15 Dips, mosey to home

Sprint “inside the park HR- 20 Nolan Ryan’s

Repeat the Circuit 5x

2nd Thang – Infielder drills

Everyone has a tennis ball and we broke into groups of 4. First pax rolled ball to first person in line who tossed the ball in other direction. Worked down line. Everyone circled through. Losers Ran. Did 3 rounds of this. In general it’s good the Pax can run, push, pull etc because hand eye coordination is a little shaky.

Announcements – County Fair May 20, Ruck 3/25, Dare to Care Apr15 and May13

Intensions – Devitto FIL and Aunt

Message – for me, penance comes BEFORE confession. The mental toll of the wrong is much worse before than what comes after the confession. In this season of Lent, let go and let peace come to you. Have the conversation, admit the wrong, ask for forgiveness.

Always a please to lead


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