Bizarro Nugget Q at the Hurt

Captain Insano
Sump Pump
Whamo (R)
Left Eye
Soft Top
Fish taco
Glen Ross
Nugget Q

It was a beautiful morning, which is the first part that is the opposite of my normal Q.

Gearlander: Does Zoo still read these? Nike Tights, adidas shorts, mudgear T.

At 6:50, I was a little concerned about numbers, but the Mutt pax always come in hot. 6:57 and the parking lot filled up. Hell, Wham! was 2 minutes early.

Like I said, it was not my normal Q. I planned way more than normal, but I still had to make some decisions on the fly due to the way the Pax kicked my weinke in tha a**.

Moseyed to a larger area of the parking lot for some COP


Imperial walkers

Grass grabbers

Kendra Newmans

Thang 1

To be honest, I thought this would take the majority of the time. I had 4 stations set up throughout the HT campus.

Station 1-near the far playground


Coupon swings


Station 2 backside of reflecting path on the hill


Squats at top

LBCs at the bottom

Station 3 prayer garden


Box jumps


Station 4 parking lot by the Portico

Burpee complex 5-4-3-2-1 (while running between the cones which apparently Seabass didnt understand when we set up the cones this morning)

I was the week link in Team A, but damn did I get pushed. Almost spilled at my own weinke. Team 4 was on our butts the entire time killing it.

Side note: no point in counting off at the Mutt. They will go where they want any way.

Somehow we completed this in 30 minutes and I was smoked. We did some Mary while regrouping with the other teams and moseyed to the big parking lot.

Divided into 2 groups for SD and partnered up for the classic DORA.

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 LBCs

I think I was medically dead at this point, but guess what…15 more minutes left.

Circled up for some you call it exercises, while the HIM who calls it moseys around the interior of the circle.

Huckstable called burpees to audible heckling from the Pax.

Finished at the bells and headed to the flag.

Awesome to see KY, one of my oldest friends visiting from Charlotte. Mentioned his book, Inevitable, which you can get on Amazon right now. ….

I will wait while you put in your order….

Finished with a message of understanding and tolerance of different viewpoints, but not of inequality.

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