BoW late backblast

Q Nugget

Pax Captain Insano, Trump, Tron, Vincent, Jitterbug, Iceman, Splinter, Butcher, Tammy Faye Baker, Jeter, No. 2, Flo Jo, Shiplap, Nugget

It was a little steamy, but definitely not the hottest day. YHC had a simple weinke to get some work in.


Mosey to the field for some

Imperial Walkers

Abe Vigodas

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats

Everyone grab a coupon and head to the tennis courts for Thang 1

15 overhead squats with the coupons then run 400 meters. Rinse and Repeat for 5 rounds.

I have been wanting to get better at running, so I try to put a good amount in on my Qs. Sorry for those that anticipated less (not sorry). I was pretty beat after this, but I felt we needed to work legs more.

Thang 2

Rounds of 10, 9, 8…1 of

Pull ups

Box jumps/ step ups

After a couple rounds of this, my legs were burning. We all made it through and modeled back to the flag for COT.


It was great to be back out after an extended hiatus due to work. As Tureen stated the other day, nothing gets you out of a rut like this group. While the MC wasn’t the most I’ve heard, tlyou guys can turn my mood in no time.

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