Black ops at the O pre blast

Tomorrow is Monday. While it begins another week, it also begins some uncertainty in how that week will progress. We are in a time that none of us have seen before. But we have been training for the challenges of life since April of 2017.

So while we cannot control how the week’s events will go, we can control how we start that week off. And I am going to start it off with some hard work.

I read Pork Chop’s message and appreciate the time he has put into researching the best practices to keep the F3 Louisville Pax in the best possible situation.

So, I have a plan. It is easy to understand and implement. We can break off into separate groups and still get the work done. Love to see you at the O in the AM!

When 530 am tomorrow morning

Where Semeca park by the tennis courts

Why To start the week off in a positive direction

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