Huggies Q The Incubator @ the Posh 3/16/2020

This is where it all started for me two years ago.  My first ever workout was a Monday morning at the posh-incubator.   I was overweight and out of shape but this group found me.  I didn’t find it.

Now, here we are at a crossroads for our society and our group. The health benefits of exercise and fellowship together are multiple.  We increase our immunity, lose weight,  gain self esteem and confidence, plus many more.   We also, recently, have become well aware of the hazards associated with our fellowship and social interaction.

The path forward is not clear or certain.  We want to do what is best in a world where instructions on how to do that change daily.  I for one, want the gloom to continue to remain open and be a refuge from all of this.  It may be wishful thinking, but I hope that we will continue to gather as long as we can.

Here is the workout I have planned for tomorrow morning at the incubator-posh.   I will be as specific as I can, because I want those who plan to attend to have a full understanding of how much social distancing will or will not be involved.

  1. We will gather at the normal spot near the Gheen’s lodge.
  2. I will announce a long disclaimer.  You are here at your own free will.  I will ask if anybody has a fever and or feels sick.  If so, you ought not participate in the workout.  I will encourage all of the PAX to avoid personal contact.  Avoid high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, kissing etc.  I’ll encourage everyone to maintain a comfortable distance from each other during the workout.
  3. We will mosey to the side parking lot for COP.   We will gather in a large circle. I will recommend being as far apart as you feel comfortable.
  4. We will then divide in groups of no more than 5 for a native American run.  I’ll encourage the PAX to stay about 10 feet apart knowing that may or may not be reasonable given running styles and ability.  Our destination will be the rock bridge.  I may or may not send groups in different directions around the egg lawn to maintain separation depending on numbers.
  5. Under the rock bridge we will partner up for DORA.  Each PAX will get two rocks from under the bridge.  Each individual gets their own set of rocks.  I’ll encourage no sharing of rocks.
  6. Partner 1 will run north over the Floyds’ Fork bridge to the other side for 10 Burpees
  7. Partner 2 will do the exercises, which will be 50 rock man makers, 100 overhead press with rocks, 150 rock curls (each arm is one), 200 rock rows (each arm is one), 300 rock flutter kicks (each leg is one).
  8. We will mosey back to the flag for Mary in a large circle if we have time.
  9. COT – will involve a large circle at a comfortable distance.  Count o rama, name o rama.  No fist bump during name o rama.  (You may have to remind me).  Announcements, Intentions etc.  We’ll end with an Our Father.

I hope this gives some clarification of what to expect.  I hope all attend who want to attend but I understand if this is not enough social distancing for some of you.  Stay safe.




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