2/2 BackBlast BigMo

special forces association (Ft. Bragg, NC)

It was raining all over F3louisville this morning. Every HIM was soaked from head to toe, except the 11 HIM that posted at vets for the BigMo heavy. We worked under the pavilion for 45 minutes of strength training.

  • Kilo
  • PK
  • Motor boat
  • flounder
  • wiki
  • fertile myrtle
  • worm
  • eto
  • meatball
  • weed wacker
  • plumb bob


Sandbag AMRAP 10 min

10 up down deadlift

10 dead lift

10 bent over rows

Weight plate AMRAP 10 min.

20 curl shoulder press

20 bent over rows

20 tricep extension

Ruck 10 min.  AMRAP

30 merkins

30 squats

30 ruck hugh pulls

each pax had 10 minutes at each station. Then a final run through of 2 min at each station.


asked the pax to count their many blessings and pay it forward by making a stranger smile. Love this group!


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