Backblast-Pelican Q-The Hurt @ The Mutt 2.29.2020

My first Q at the Mutt was also my first trip there. The IHC got me out of my comfort zone again which is great.

A couple of my County Boys made the trip with me which helped my comfort level. We got to the Mutt a bit early and searched for cars parked so we knew where the meet point was. Two things were wrong with that idea, the Mutters get there at 6:59, 7 or even later and they all walk or just appear out of nowhere. People kept coming all the way up to 7 and beyond. Somewhere around COP we had 27 total PAX. I planted the AO of the year flag or as Jitterbug rightfully calls it the County flag. I also gave back a Mutt football Primetime “inadvertently” stole during football season. The PAX there were-

Hush Puppy
Soft Top
Glenn Ross
Tommy Boy (FNG)
Long Snap (FNG)
Sea Bass
Wind Shield
Wham-O (R)
Back Draft
Barney Fife
Tom Bodett
Blue Meth
Left Eye
Pelican (Q)

I spent a lot of time on this weinke and I had originally planned one with a lot of leaping since it was leap day. But my knee has been bothering me so I had to adjust to work on our leaping muscles instead. Anyway COP consisted of-

10 Toy Soldiers IC

10 Copperhead Squats IC

10 Grass Grabbers IC

Michael Phelps and Kendra Newmans

Downward Dog and Stuff

4 warmup BOYOs

Then we grabbed coupons and got ready for Thang 1 which was a 20 minute EMOM circuit.

First round was 4 burpees and then 12 coupon deadlifts.

Second round was 4 burpees and then 12 coupon squats with the coupon racked at chest level.

Third round was 4 burpees and then 12 squats with it racked on your back.

Last round was 4 burpees and 12 squats with no coupon and arms straight up and out.

We did this 5 times, someone was quick with math and called out the 80 burpees we would be doing. It was also 180 squats and 60 deadlifts.

Finished that and still had 30 minutes left so we did some 11s. At one end we did merkins on the coupon and on each side of the coupon. The other end we did a regular merkin. We traveled between sets doing scorpion walks. We started doing 4 parking spots, went to 3 and then 2. Shout out to the couple of PAX who did all their scorpion walks. Most of us modified to a bear crawl, lunge walk or mosey. Everyone agreed scorpion walks suck.

Had a bit more time left so we partnered up for the last Thang.

Partner one ran a lap around the school while partner 2 did 10 of the following exercise in order and repeated until their partner was back—


Should press

Tricep Exentions

Then all together (still don’t have a name for these, I googled it and couldn’t find one either. I’m pretty close to naming them myself, I’ll take suggestions if anyone has them).

We all got about two laps in, put the coupons up and circled up for Mary which consisted of-

15 Heart Breakers IC, these are cool I made them up and if you want to use them in your next Q please do, they are nothing like box cutters

15 Gas Pumps IC

15 V Ups

About 50 seconds of planking and called it a day.

We named a couple of FNGs, said our announcements, and then intentions. This weekend has been a blur so not going to mention them as I don’t want to leave anything out or mess any of them up.

My first trip to the Mutt was a blast. If you haven’t been there yet you should. Someone told me everyone lives right around there and they are right. When my phone died at the end of the workout I didn’t have my GPS to get home. Followed a car I thought was heading out of the neighborhood after the workout but it took a couple turns and pulled in a driveway. Everyone was super welcoming and it seems like a close knit group. Glad everyone made it even though people had kid sports or other activities to get to early that morning. I enjoyed my trip and will definitely be back.

Thanks for having me—see you soon.


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