4/16 Kentucky Convergence Preblast

Way back in May 2018, a few knuckleheads from F3Louisville traveled 60+ miles down I64. Their goal was a simple one, plant a shovel flag in Lexington, KY. Many of our pax, myself included, spent some of the best years of our lives at UK. We wanted to SHARE the gift of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith with the fine HIM of Lexington. It was time to give back to the city that gave us many a hangover. There was $5 all you can drink at Two Keys, and Penny Pitcher nights at Kitty O’sheas. I’ve heard the stories, may share them on a future podcast that doesnt exist.

Here we sit, nearly a couple years removed from May 2018, and in a unique situation. We can converge at a workout with out actually having to drive the 60+ miles down I64. Zebra crossed the slack fence and posed the idea of a zoom convergence between F3Louisville and F3Lexington. LETS DO IT!! Here are the details;

Lets HL a ton of pax to join these 2 regions together. We can use this time to GetBetter! Thanks for the idea, Zebra!



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