Back Blast 4.13 – The Mist

Let me say this, I miss the Gloom. I miss getting out there running around the County, the Posh, and especially those damn hills at the Garden. I miss pushing myself to catch up with whoever is in front of me, which is usually most of the people posting on any given morning. But, the zoom does allow me to workout more often, because I don’t have to barter with the M on who gets what morning. So, it ain’t the Gloom, but I’ve grown accustomed to the zoom, and I can’t wait to get back in the Gloom. But I was glad when Russdiculous needed someone to cover the Q this morning, I always seem to work a little harder when I’m the Q. I guess it’s a fear of letting the HIM down, virtual or not. Ramble over.

Weather – it was raining…what day is it?

Aerobie (R)
Jitterbug (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Stick Up
Sweet Tart
Jewel – Q

I find in the Zoom, I like the emom and tabata style workouts best…seem to flow better for me. So I took the tabata route today…whatever day it is. But before we got in to that, we needed a little warm up, and what’s an F3 warm up, without some SSH. So that’s where we started. Full warm up:
SSH x 25 IC
Abe Vigoda’s x 15 IC
Michael Phelps
Downward Dog > L/R > Runner’s Stretch (repeat on oppo side)
I promised we would get the hear rate up early and keep it that way, so my good friend, the Kraken Burpee rounded out the warm up x 10 (that’s 30 merkins for those keeping count)

Big Bird threw out a pull up challenge to start the year off. That morphed in to a merkin challenge thanks to Abacus (I think). To which Squid called me out, so, now I’m knee deep in a 4×50 challenge (t-merkins, merkins, wide merkins, diamond merkins). I was completely lazy yesterday, so I wanted to make sure I got these in early today. I built the tabata around the merkin challenge.

Each exercise was performed for 50 seconds, with 15 seconds rest. We repeated the above circuit 2x with 45 seconds rest before restarting. The Kraken Burpees got our heart rates up to start, and the Bonnie Blair’s and SSH helped keep them up throughout the morning.
Side note: I may have gotten a little too excited when Stick Up announced after the last set of Diamond Merkins that we he had just completed the 4×50 (it’s the little things at this point).
We finished up with just a moment to spare.

I thanked the men for waking up and joining me this morning. No matter if it’s the Gloom, the doom, a random room, a broom, a tomb, or the Zoom, it’s an honor to be given the opportunity to lead this group. I hope we all stay healthy, I hope your family’s stay healthy, and I can’t wait to SYITG.


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