BB: 2/27 at The O with Flo Jo – 3 year Post-Versary

Special thanks goes out to Dauber for giving up his planned Saturday Q so I could lead some fine HIMs on my 3 year anniversary. 9 showed up to celebrate, and relive some of the OG days of F3. Tammy Faye Baker, Handbook, Violet, PK, Big Bird, Alfalfa, Sump Pump, Shyster and Flo Jo all rolled up ready to go Saturday morning.

Weather: after a good amount of ran Friday night, the skies lightened up a bit, and gave us upper 40’s, perfect Tank Top weather.

Gear: Red tank top with black trimming, black nike shorts with white blocking, red nike Free Run 3 shoes, fatigue gator head wrap. Guns a blazing!

I rolled up just as the ruck group was in COT. Heard a Pax shout “Flo Jo’s got the guns out today”, HELL YEAH BABY! Ready to go. Pax rolled up, coupons in tow, and disclaimers were given. 3 year anniversary with F3, and we moseyed to the tennis courts for what I planned to be a top notch workout.

As we made it to the courts, each man would head into the same cage, and then alternate sides they took their coupons to. They dropped them in the far corners, and came back to the gate for Thang 1:

Thang 1: “Outsiders Run”. My first workout with F3 had Wham! at the Q. He started off with this, so I decided to do the same. We split into two groups, and each headed a different way down the O loop (the long way). Roughly 1/2 mile run until we ran into each other. 3 years ago someone mentioned it seemed like a seen from The Outsiders, with two rival gangs coming together. The left group picked up Tammy Faye Baker on the way, and we all came together at the head of the O. We circled up there for COP, just like Wham! did it:

  1. 20 SSH IC
  2. 5 BOYOs
  3. 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  4. 10 Merkins IC
  5. 10 Copperhead Squats IC
  6. 5 BOYOS
  7. 10 Plank Jacks IC
  8. 8 Merkins IC

The plan was then to run “Dueling Indian Runs” back, but with only 9 guys, we decided to do a Native American Run all in one group. Aboout 80% of the way back we ran into some traffic, and just moseyed in from there for Thang 2

Thang 2: My second workout with F3 was under Red Roof. He ran back a workout he did when he was in Carolina, and I have run this back a couple times since, its a great one. Starfish, but this time with Covid in mind. The coupons were already split up, and we stayed in our groups, each on one side of the nets of the tennis court. The workout is like a set of tire spokes, but we used 2 corners of the tennis court each group instead of all 4.

Start with one rep of Merkins in the middle, then off to a corner for 2 exercises, then back to the middle for 3 Merkins, then opposite corner for 4 exercise….all the way to 25. Merkins always in the middle on odd numbers, and the corners were Overhead Press, LBS, Coupon Squats, Groiners. Side note, I was showing my daughter groiners and she said “That’s easy”…she has not accepted my challenge to do the Starfish and see if she thinks the same thing after that. If you are counting, that adds up to 168 Merkins in the end…tough! Quick ten count, and we were onto Thang 3:

Thang 3: Captain Insane-O led my third workout, which was at The Carpenter (would like to get this one back up and running). Was hoping to do the Louisville Honeypot, but thought better of sharing coupons. So, we all grabbed our coupons, and started toward the open ball fields in the park. Overhead carry coupon about 50 yards, then partner up for Dora: 100 Lunges, 200 Coupon Squats, 300 LBCs. Partner one works, while partner two Sprints across field, mosey back on first round, then Mario Down and mosey back on second round. The field was a total slop fest, but no one bit the dust.

Finished Thang 3 and headed back to the courts, Overhead carry coupon 50 yards again, then back to the tennis courts for some mary:

Catalina Wine Makers x 15 IC

American Hammers x 15 IC

Big Boy Sit-ups x 20

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

8:00, time to circle up. Announcements – check slack. Intentions were given, ended with an our father. So exciting to lead great group – off to Heine Bros for some coffeeteria.

Flo Jo

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