BB – A Few of my (least) favorite things, Dec 17th at The O

In the spirit of the season, 7 showed up a week before Xmas eve to celebrate some of Flo Jo’s favorite things form the past year at  The O.  Violet, Vincent, Wham!, Handbook, Yoshi, Ship Lap and Flo Jo (Q) all embarked on workouts of seasons past in anticipation of the Holiday season.

If you read my Preblast in the tune of “These are a few of my favorite things”, you will see I called out HIMs OJ, Pope, Pork Chop, but unfortunately none showed.

Started the workout with an OJ staple (from 3/28/19 workout), Snaking Prisoner Native American run, with PAX weaving in an out of every other man.  We moseyed down Circle Hill Road, to where it meets up with Homestead.  Stopped there for a quick warm-up:

Abe Vigodas, Copper Head Squats, Kinder Newman’s, Merkins, Mountain Climbers

Then moseyed down Homestead to the running path at Seneca.  On to Pope’s beastly 10 minute routine from 4/18/19 – 100 burpees in 10 minutes.  10 burpees every minute on the minute, rest for the remainder of the minute.  Wolf!

Next, we stayed on the path for a modification of Pork Chops Red Barchettas workout from 1/8/19.  AYG for 100 yards, then 100 SSH’s, back to start.  AYG 75 yards, then 75 mountain climbers and back to the start.  50 yards, followed by 50 LBC’s and back to start.  AYG for 25 yards, then 25 merkins.  We had to use light poles as the ground was too soggy, but got a good workout in on the path.

Next we moseyed back to coupons fro Circle of Coupons from Retainer’s Q on 1/17/19.  Partner up, partner one does coupon work, partner two on the ground, and switch:

10 x 2 Overhead press/Flutter Kicks

10 x 2 Curls/V-Ups

10 x 2 Left Arm Flys/Right Arm Flys partnered with Big Boy Sit ups

Finally, line up across from your partner, and in true Kilo fashion, get down for one minute of pickle pounders facing your partner.

Happy Holiday wishes to all, safe travels in the coming week, and we were out.

Flo Jo.

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