Blender Backblast 6/3/20

Pax: Diablo, Plumb Bob, Left Eye, Backdraft, Digiorno, Red Roof, Zima, Gepetto, Cowbell, Pope, Sump Pump, Old Bay, Fridge, OJ, Busssccccchhhh, Vincent, Kilo, CI

Hard to say that I led this workout, but rules are rules so I’ll get credit.

Conditions: 68*, clear. Great morning.

Gearlander: Refreshingly Proud tank top is really all that requires a mention.

After I gave a disclaimer that included a reminder to distance appropriately, we grabbed various coupons and circled up.

COP consisted of 20 IC SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Kendra Newmans and Grass Grabbers.

Then, everyone grabbed their coupon for an uneven farmer’s carry around the school, switching sides every 15 steps. When we returned to the starting point, we did a 17 person round robin where each person named a weighted exercise and number of reps. Everyone but Busch – who called a run around the school – followed the rules, which was doubly hard after Left Eye’s 100 weighted calf raises. To finish, we did another farmers’ carry lap around the school, and then circled up for some Mary to finish it all.

It was great seeing so many of my friends and I was reminded (after a pretty long F3 layoff) how much I enjoy getting out. In COT we shared some announcements and intentions. I took us out. Here is the video I mentioned, and I’ll leave it at this because there is nothing I can add:

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