Pelican Backblast-The Foundry 6.3.20

My first back blast in months and it feels so good. It was a great morning not under curfew at the County today. I got there about 15 minutes early to set up and Hush Puppy was already there. After a quick set up we circled up and got ready to start. Around 5:29:59 Cochran and Le Pew pulled in and used the cones I had set up as a driving test. Cochran passed and now he can be WILDflowers guy in case anyone is looking for a referral for a driving instructor.

PAX in attendance were-Holy Roller, Bulletin (walking off his surgery), Dauber, Hush Puppy, Meter Maid, Cochran, Abacus, Wide Right, Handbook, Russdiculous, Le Pew, and me.

Quick mosey to the front lot and we started with nuclears since Le Pew was there. Stopped those cause I don’t know how to count them past sets of 1. Quickly went to things I knew how to lead:

10 Grass Grabbers IC

10 Copperhead Squats IC

Micheal Phelps and Kendra Newmans OyO

Downward dog and stuff

Moseyed to the backlot and got set up for the Thang, which was going to be 1 better than any workout Dauber has led so we started with 12s instead of 11s. The first set was Burpee BJs/Coupon BBSUs. The BJ part isn’t as fun as it sounds—it was a broad jump for the jumping portion of the burpee.

We then dropped down to 11s because we didn’t have as much time as I thought and I realized being only as good as Dauber is pretty damn good. This time we did plank jack merkins and coupon V-Ups. Finished these with about 5 minutes left so the 20 other sets I had ready will have to wait.

Circled up and I let the PAX call the Mary exercise. Started with Holy Roller against my better judgement.

Holy Roller-10 burpees

Russdiculous-15 gas pumps

Handbook-15 BBSU

Hush Puppy-5 man makers

Abacus-super man to bring us home

Did countaram and name o Rama. Thanks to Handbook and Russdiculous for making the trip out to the County. We owe you a visit to the O for sure. Old Bay is Qing is there Saturday and Hush Puppy has his VQ Saturday at the Nest.

Intentions-Meter has a co-worker we prayed for and I may have forgotten one. Everyone has seen the news on all the unrest going on here and across the country. I shared my experience growing up and while I personally didn’t experience racism it I’ve had many friends who were victims of it and I saw those first hand. The picture on this post is one of my best friends, Antwan Bryant, who was killed when we were 20. Not sure if it would have been different if he was white but even having that question in my mind makes me realize we still have a lot to do as a society. I urged the PAX to call a friend they haven’t in a while especially a black or African American friend who may be struggling with this all. I talked to a friend of mine on Monday who I probably hadn’t talked to in person since Antwans funeral. We talked about old times and how things were simple. We were just friends and black and white didn’t factor in to things. I hope we can all get there at some point as a society and let’s be sure to do our part to make sure we do.

That was a lot of words but hopefully you read them all, until next time-


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