A Tradition Unlike Any Other – 100-1-50-1 – BoW BB 4/9/2019

Q: CI Pax: Trump, Glenn Ross, Fridge, FloJo, Splash, Grinder, Tammy Faye Baker, Tronstache, Incognito (DR), Vincent (R), ValPak, Big Bird, Violet, Wham!, CI Conditions: Per Wham!, “weather was perfect for this.” So if your local weather person ever says, “it’s 56* and clear with 96% humidity,” you may end up getting destroyed if youContinue reading “A Tradition Unlike Any Other – 100-1-50-1 – BoW BB 4/9/2019”

Club Paradise 2 Backblast – 4/3/19

Q: Val Kilmer and CI Pax: Dry Rub, Glenn Ross, Digiorno, Yogi, Deuce, CI Who wants to work out on vacation? Apparently we do. Gearlander: camo Superman tank top, swim trunks, Florida Buff, Val Conditions: 50* and clear Deuce asked me Monday if I planned to use the beach. I figured I would but theContinue reading “Club Paradise 2 Backblast – 4/3/19”

I have 430# of stuff I have to get back in my basement. Who’s in to help? @PoshF3 Backblast 3.18.2019

Q:  Captain Insane-o Pax (12):  Carlton, Dunphy, Abacus, Fergie, Valdez, Catfish, Stormtrooper, Banana Hands (R), Pork Chop, Vincent (R), Grinder, CI.  (YHC excluded, this was one badass group of badasses). Conditions:  30*, 78% humidity.  Clear.  Waxing Gibbous Moon. Gearlander:  Florida Buff, tioght Nike thermal shirt, black swim trunks, Hoka One One Arahi 3s, Feetures Socks,Continue reading “I have 430# of stuff I have to get back in my basement. Who’s in to help? @PoshF3 Backblast 3.18.2019”

Alarm is Set. Calendar Booked. See you at North Posh on 3/18. Heavy, heavy heavy Preblast.

It happened.  I missed a Q this week.  I won’t go into the excuses because it really doesn’t matter.  I own it, and like a good friend said, “sh&t happens”.  So I have to make sure I don’t miss this Q. So I have it booked, marked, alarmed and planned out. I’m finally rounding backContinue reading “Alarm is Set. Calendar Booked. See you at North Posh on 3/18. Heavy, heavy heavy Preblast.”

2/9 Ruiner Backblast-Tour de Ruiner

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax: Red Roof, Wham!, Fergie, Escort, Vincent (R), Pope, Tron, CI Conditions: Eyeball freezing weather. 18*ish. Clear. No wind, which helped. Gearlander: Same things I wore on last night’s ruck. I picked up this Q despite it following a tough night ruck co-Q’d by beasts Diablo and Mad Cow and being outContinue reading “2/9 Ruiner Backblast-Tour de Ruiner”

I’m not mad, I’m disappointed- 2/9 Ruiner Preblast

Been a long week, so take this with a grain of salt. We got like a grand of us and no one stepped up to Q the Ruiner? I took it because I love it. Do me a favor, though. Figure out that you need to love it, too. I’ll show you why you shouldContinue reading “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed- 2/9 Ruiner Preblast”

Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective

Q: Captain Insane-o (father of a teenager) Pax: Zima, Chicklas, Fridge, Scuba Steve, Valdez, Fergie, Wham!, Pork Chop, Nice and Slow, Plumb Bob, Nino, Huggies, Airplane, Uncle Rico, Bussssccchhhh, Jolly Rancher, Grinder, Jitterbug (R), Alexa, CI Conditions: I’ll say it this way: no one’s eyeballs froze. It was fine. Gearlander: Same stuff I usually wear;Continue reading “Village of the Damned Backblast: Simple But Effective”

Pleasantville Pre-blast 2/1/19 – CI Q

I wanted to call the AO in Norton Commons, “The Village of the Damned”, but we settled on Pleasantville. I guess because nothing inspires you to work harder and push yourself to your limits when things are tough than something that’s pleasant. Maybe we’re using it ironically?  I doubt it since no one really knowsContinue reading “Pleasantville Pre-blast 2/1/19 – CI Q”

Ruiner Backblast 1/19 – Double Ugh

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax (13): Red Roof, Catfish, Face, Tron, Vincent, Wham!, Violet, Nugget, Incognito, Grinder, Porkchop, Diablo, CI Conditions: When I got to the O it was 41 and pouring. As the workout progressed, the rain let up. Or, as Violet said, the workout made him forget about the rain. Gearlander: normal stuff, plusContinue reading “Ruiner Backblast 1/19 – Double Ugh”

1/19 Ruiner Preblast – Ugh

I just checked the weather for tomorrow’s workout…. Oh well, rain or shine, amirite?  I can only promise one thing:  it’s been worse. Who:  All Pax with a pair What:  A CI Q in the cold rain When:  Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 0700 Where:  the O, which is located in Seneca Park by theContinue reading “1/19 Ruiner Preblast – Ugh”

1/14 North Posh Backblast – Beastmode, Engaged. @F3Posh

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (9): Dunphy, Iceman, PK, Kilo, Little Jerry, Abacus, Milton, Catfish, CI Conditions: 31*, Light Snow. Ground was mostly dry from this weekend’s snowpocalypse. Gearlander: White pullover, shirt, black tights and shorts (no Quimby), trail shoes, Feetures socks, waterproof winter gloves, Fred. Also, workout board (shown below), good time sound machine, lanternContinue reading “1/14 North Posh Backblast – Beastmode, Engaged. @F3Posh”

1/14 North Posh Preblast (Read on for some Pro Tips) – It Gonna Be Goooooood

I’m making my debut at NP as the Q. I’ve heard the workouts there are difficult. Catfish also asked me to favor the run. So, I’m planning a very difficult, run-heavy set. If it goes off as planned, you’ll feel it. This will be a good one if you want to push yourself or seeContinue reading “1/14 North Posh Preblast (Read on for some Pro Tips) – It Gonna Be Goooooood”

“Running is a life skill” – John Coctostan. Ruiner Backblast 1/5/19

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax: Here’s a question: if you come late and miss the workout but workout, do I count you here? Because Diablo wrote a backblast for these guys, imma gonna say naw. Vincent (R), Trump, Gillespie, Face, Violet, Pope, Pong, Oscar, CI Gearlander: Merrell shoes, feetures socks, shorts, Toledo Walmart tank top coveredContinue reading ““Running is a life skill” – John Coctostan. Ruiner Backblast 1/5/19”

@F3Louisville Pax – HC to the Double Down Challenge #DoubleDown

I visited the Vet today.  It was great.  Lots of new faces, some old friends, and a really cool spot.  Also, got to see a F3Louisville Godfather, which is always cool. During announcements, Nino mentioned the Double Down Challenge.  In short, this is a way for Pax to get to AOs they don’t visit often,Continue reading “@F3Louisville Pax – HC to the Double Down Challenge #DoubleDown”

Boxing Day Blender Birthday Back Blast 12/26/2018

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax: Plumb Bob, Wham!, Bussssccccchhh, Digiorno, Cliff Clavin (FNG), Little Jerry, Deuce, Smurfette (DR), Face, OJ, Huggies, Abacus, PED, Blueprint, Pope, Mouth, CI Conditions: 29*, crisp and dry. Gearlander: Shorts, Han Solo tank top covered by a Nike pullover, Buff, some gloves. Val. I wasn’t sure what to expect today turn outContinue reading “Boxing Day Blender Birthday Back Blast 12/26/2018”

12/26/18 Blender Preblast – CI Bday Q

Yes. My birthday is the day after Christmas. No. It doesn’t suck. Hard to know any better. Plus, my second kid was born the same day. She’s pretty awesome. And it’s kind of a topper for my wife: “sorry you don’t like your gift; remember that year I gave you a living being?!” Also, IContinue reading “12/26/18 Blender Preblast – CI Bday Q”

We Are a Community. Today Our Community Lost One of its Own. Support the Family Of Dianne “Digits” Wells @FiALexSC

From the FiA Lexington Twitter feed: Please do what you can for this family in their time of need. This link will take you to a donations page. https://www.givesendgo.com/GJA9#.XBl0hz_V7dJ.facebook

Least Creative Backblast for My Least Creative Workout – Bag of Wrenches 11/18/2018

Pax (17): Nugget, Busssccch (Larry Birded the whole thing), Shank, Grinder, Short Stacks, Joanna Gaines, Red Roof, Star Child, Flo Jo, Wham!, Gillespie, Violet, Zoolander, OJ (also Larry Birded the whole thing), Zima (1- year F3 anniversary), Pope (awesome to have you back; thanks for the hair tussle after COT), CI https://twitter.com/jimmCI/status/1075034455352508416 Conditions:  Cold.  LikelyContinue reading “Least Creative Backblast for My Least Creative Workout – Bag of Wrenches 11/18/2018”

12/18 Bag of Wrenches Preblast – CI Qing for Pax without a heart

Who: Any Pax who want to get better, but probably not better than they would with Retainer (happy birthday) or Escort (happy recent beard shave day?) What: A workout that may or may not involve difficult physical activity When: 12/18 at 0530 Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts How: Set an alarm, sleep in your gear,Continue reading “12/18 Bag of Wrenches Preblast – CI Qing for Pax without a heart”

ToG Backblast 11/29/18 – IN THE FACE!

Q:  Captain Insane-o Pax (21, 2 FNGs) (behold this group of CGs):  Fergie, Soft Wood (FNG), Peroni, Vincent (R), Star Child, Glenn Ross, Gillespie, OJ, Zoolander, Zartan, Diablo, Trony, Violet, Sweatshop, Pork Chop, Shank (FNG), Trump, Quimby, Busssscccchhh, Deuce, CI Conditions:  33*, a bit of cloudcover.  Dry until the last 10 minutes when it wasContinue reading “ToG Backblast 11/29/18 – IN THE FACE!”

Temple of Gloom Pre-blast 11/29 – Running is a Life Skill, Part 2

First, we will not do 100 burpees, run a mile, 50 burpees run a mile for time. Unless someone else chooses to do it, I won’t run that until sometime in March 2019. It seems like a lot you are twitchy about this one since I’ve scaled back my Qs and I’m apparently not creativeContinue reading “Temple of Gloom Pre-blast 11/29 – Running is a Life Skill, Part 2”

What about Ice? He’s Killing Your Brain Like a Poisonous Mushroom. ToG Backblast 11/15/18

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (12): Diablo, Glenn Ross, Red Roof, Tronie Tron Tron, Digiorno, Bussscccchhhh, Violet, Mad Cow, Grinder, OJ, Abacus, CI It’s been so long since I Q’d I screwed up the disclaimer. I even forgot the name of an exercise during the workout. Maybe it’s rust, maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s age. NoContinue reading “What about Ice? He’s Killing Your Brain Like a Poisonous Mushroom. ToG Backblast 11/15/18”

11/15 Temple of Gloom Preblast – Do You Even Q, Brah?

For a while I was on pace for the most Qs. Then life/work/growing Pax got in the way, so it’s been a while.  A full month in fact.  I haven’t decided exactly what to do, but we’ll figure something out.  That said, you will run at least one continuous mile.  SYITG. -CI

Batman and Robin Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/16/18 @OF3Louisville

Co-Qs:  Captain Insane-o and Kilo Pax (19):  Swifty, Weedwacker, Kilo, Glaucoma, Tool Time, Nino, Sadie, Meatball, Vincent (R), Tammy Faye Baker, Catfish, Trump, Face, PK, OJ, Wham!, FloJo, Gillespie, CI Conditions:  43*, 90% humidity.  The weather went from 90 to 40 like it saw a State Trooper on the highway. Gearlander: CI:  Black F3 LouisvilleContinue reading “Batman and Robin Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/16/18 @OF3Louisville”

Free? Nah. Bootcamp? Nah. Bodyweight? Nah. #Heavy Backblast 10/8/2018

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (6): Nugget, Diablo, Chestnut, Face, Mouth, CI We’ve done a few heavy workouts in the past, but most of those involved me lugging hundreds of pounds of implements from my pain cave or Mad Cow scavenging heavy junk from job sites, so I made a plea to the Pax:  invest inContinue reading “Free? Nah. Bootcamp? Nah. Bodyweight? Nah. #Heavy Backblast 10/8/2018”

Monday 10/8 Heavy BO at Sojourn – Preblast

I got a number of HCs for a heavy workout on 10/8, so I put it on the calendar. Me Q’ing this assumes a few things will happen on Monday: (1) everyone who comes will have a Kettlebell and a Barbell Plate (I suggested a 30# KB and 45# Plate, but less may be better;Continue reading “Monday 10/8 Heavy BO at Sojourn – Preblast”

Passing of the Comz – Welcome F3 Louisville’s New Comz Q: Abacus @malynch33

I’ve known Abacus since 1996.  We were in college together.  We’re fraternity brothers.  We both eventually settled in Louisville.  He’s a great person.  His M is awesome.  Hell, she was my dental hygienist for years; zero cavities during that time.  He has great kids.  He may be a cyborg.  How else can he keep upContinue reading “Passing of the Comz – Welcome F3 Louisville’s New Comz Q: Abacus @malynch33”

Shower Didn’t Take – 9/5 Blender Preblast

Q:  Captain Insane-o Pax (16):  Old Bay, PED, Chestnut, Wham!, Nugget, Glenn Ross, Zima, Ham, Diablo, OJ, Bussscccchhh, Grinder, Fridge, Cowbell, Backdraft, CI Conditions:  78*, 94% relative humidity.  Is it possible to wear a morning?  If so, we did. Gearlander:  Blue Nike shirt (survived the drone strike), Hurley shorts (also survived the drone strike; NikeContinue reading “Shower Didn’t Take – 9/5 Blender Preblast”