Least Creative Backblast for My Least Creative Workout – Bag of Wrenches 11/18/2018

Pax (17): Nugget, Busssccch (Larry Birded the whole thing), Shank, Grinder, Short Stacks, Joanna Gaines, Red Roof, Star Child, Flo Jo, Wham!, Gillespie, Violet, Zoolander, OJ (also Larry Birded the whole thing), Zima (1- year F3 anniversary), Pope (awesome to have you back; thanks for the hair tussle after COT), CI

Conditions:  Cold.  Likely in the 20s.  Lots of chatter about being cold.  That ended quickly.  It was dry though.

Gearlander:  shorts, socks, shoes, tshirt, inside-out light pullover, buff to keep my hair out of my eyes.  I got warm during this set, so I know the guys bundled up had to be hotter than fire.

Disclaimer.  Longer than normal because I didn’t realize Short Stacks was not a FNG.  That said, he did great (I, too, hated the merkins), and is going to be a reg at the O.  He told me so.

Mosey around the tennis courts.

COP:  Grassgrabbers (15xIC); Slow Abe Vigodas (10xIC); Kendra Newmans (arm circles) Small and Big, forward and backward (OYO); Bluff Hikers (15xIC); Plank Jacks (15xIC); Copperhead Squats (15xIC).

No SSHs because Zoolander was there.  Then, he insulted my creativity (or lack thereof).  Next time he shows at one of my Qs, SSHs for 45 minutes.

The Thang:

Busch got to the last set of Burpees.  Woofie, woof, woof.  This was a saucy little number, even if it wasn’t creative.  The rest of us finished where we finished.

COR, NOR, COT.  Announcements included the Ruck on Friday, or Saturday.  I took us out with a word on how this time of year, despite all of the celebrations and time with family and community, some folks have a tough time.  I encouraged the Pax to keep that in mind when they interact with people.  We walked away a little better than we started at 0530.  And my hair grew just a little bit more out of the awkward phase.

CI out.




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