Free? Nah. Bootcamp? Nah. Bodyweight? Nah. #Heavy Backblast 10/8/2018

Q: Captain Insane-o
Pax (6): Nugget, Diablo, Chestnut, Face, Mouth, CI

We’ve done a few heavy workouts in the past, but most of those involved me lugging hundreds of pounds of implements from my pain cave or Mad Cow scavenging heavy junk from job sites, so I made a plea to the Pax:  invest in a Kettlebell and a Barbell Plate (recommended 30# KB and 45# P) and we’ll get some more heavies on the calendar.  Who doesn’t want to get swole, right?

Conditions:  Blistering and humid.  When I was a kid we called this Indian Summer.  Now, we just assume it’s global warming and we’ll soon be eating soylent green (hint:  it’s people) or surfing down city streets as oceans rise.

Gearlander:  My normal stuff that I always wear, but I had a new Buff because I left my favorite one in Orlando. I also brought my Good Time Sound Machine and played some RTJ for the Pax. What was different is that I had a 30# Kettlebell and a 50# Barbell Plate.  Actually, I had two because my ride or die pards, Face, hadn’t gotten to the swole store yet.  Pro tip:  If you want to invest, go to Academy; by all standards it has the best deals on these weights.  Pro tip 2:  if you buy your weights at Play it Again, expect to see ones like I have, which look like they’re from Hungary circa 1910.  It’s just a plate of weight with a hole.  No fancy handles like the ones from Academy.

All in, 6 Pax each with a 30# and 45# = about 450# of iron.

Here’s what went down:

COP all IC 20x

Grass Grabbers
Kendra Newmans (OYO)
Copperhead Squats

Primed, warm and ready, we dropped in hot with this Thang:

All sets OYO 10 x 3 unless noted (many of these can be found here in Chestnut’s video tutorial that he did for Men’s Health

Halos with Plate
Squat Presses with KB
Tricep extension with Plate
Uneven Carry with Plate and KB (40 yds out and back x 3)
Bent over row with Plate
Squeeze and Press
KB swings
Sumo High Press (ground to sky) with KB
Overhead Walk with Plate (40 yds out and back x 3)
Flutter kicks with KB over chest


COR, NOR, COT.  We said a prayer for the Wintergerst-Westin family.  This family is going through an unimaginable tragedy.  If you care to, please help them by donating here:

Thanks to the Pax that came out today.  We’ll all feel this one later.

CI out.



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