Ruiner Backblast 1/19 – Double Ugh

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax (13): Red Roof, Catfish, Face, Tron, Vincent, Wham!, Violet, Nugget, Incognito, Grinder, Porkchop, Diablo, CI

Conditions: When I got to the O it was 41 and pouring. As the workout progressed, the rain let up. Or, as Violet said, the workout made him forget about the rain.

Gearlander: normal stuff, plus a raincoat, which I normally wouldn’t wear but, yea, it was really raining. And cold. No portico. You’re the portico.

I got to the O kind of early, and was really rethinking this workout. But as the Pax arrived, I knew I couldn’t bag it and just go get coffee (which I offered just before my disclaimer). Plus, this was a group of studs and OGs. Woof.


Short mosey around the tip of the O to a seldom used tennis court for COP.

SSHs 20xIC

Copperhead squats 20xIC

Hillbillies 20xIC

Grass grabbers 20xIC

Kendra Newman’s while Wham! told Red Roof et al a story about a mythical miracle.

Maybe some other stuff. Whatevs, we were warmish.

We grabbed coupons, which matched perfectly in count to the Pax committed to this thang, and headed to Cogan’s Corner. At the bottom of the hill where two hills join, we set the coupons aside for a Quintiple Nickel. 5 up and back sprints on the hill with 5 Merkins at the top and 5 squats at the bottom.

Then, we got our coupons ready for a set I ran about a year ago. Basically split up the Pax on each hill bottom. Then a coupon exercise followed by some movement up the hill. Every time a coupon exercise it was 20x the first time, then 10x as the sets built.

So curls (20, 10, 10, 10, 10), then tricep extensions (20, 10, 10, 10), then overhead presses (20, 10, 10), then weighted squats (20, 10), then coupon flutters (20).

In between, we did a sprint up and back, bearcrawl up and mosey back, lunge up and mosey back, crawlbear/broad jump and mosey back, coupon run up and back 2x, and sprint up and back 2x.

We moseyed back to store the coupons and finished with a Steinl and a mosey back around the tip to the flag.

COR, NOR and announcements including the Banquet where dress code is now tops, no bottoms a la Donald Duck. Ruck event 2/8 led by Diablo and Mad Cow. Holly is not pregnant. I’m not Infacto despite Porkchop’s confusion. Then I took us out.

Have a good day gentlemen.

CI out

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