BB, Wayside Christian Mission, Jan. 18, 2019

Pax in attendance:

Pew Pew

When: January 18, 6 AM-8 AM
Where: Wayside kitchen and dining area 1 – first hour (for residence in the drug and alcohol recovery program) then in kitchen and dining area 2 – 2nd hour (for homeless or others in need who are not in the program)
How: Thanks Jitterbug for your vision and for getting this off the ground as an opportunity for our Pax on a more regular basis
What: putting food on plates, Washing dishes, busing tables, Giving smiles and encouragement, etc. Even cutting up meat for later meals – Porkchop with a scalpel, err, knife – a most impressive thing

Everyone arrived promptly at five minutes till six. We walked in together, signed in, and gathered for a quick prayer to the Sky Q. The 2 hours flew by. We saw and interacted with all kinds of people. The other volunteers and workers, energized and engaged (mostly). Some guests upbeat in spite of hardship. Others haggard and tired, glad for the meal served to them but fearful of the future. And some maybe having a bad day and seeming unappreciative and angry.

Within F3, not all are in a season when they can come downtown out at such a time to volunteer. But for those who are or maybe have a window when they can make it happen, I really encourage you to think about serving at Wayside sometime, with a few other Pax. It’s 3ndF and 2ndF rolled into 1. It’ll make you think. It’ll make you feel. It’ll make you grow.

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