Temple of Gloom Pre-blast 11/29 – Running is a Life Skill, Part 2

First, we will not do 100 burpees, run a mile, 50 burpees run a mile for time. Unless someone else chooses to do it, I won’t run that until sometime in March 2019. It seems like a lot you are twitchy about this one since I’ve scaled back my Qs and I’m apparently not creative any more.

But tomorrow we will run. The running will be broken up with various exercises. And while it will have elements of things we’ve done (hell, we’ve done it all by now), it’s something we’ve never done on the whole. Before all that newness though, we’ll get warmed up with a normal COP. And we’ll end with something fun. Again, something we’ve never done before (and, honestly, something that should have been done at Bag of Wrenches, but alas the M travels). My expectation is that the part in the middle will be difficult. My hope is that it will be a true you v you set, especially if you’re a bat flipper who really wants to push it. So, come to the Temple of Gloom at the O…

Who: All Pax who want to get better.

What: A 45 minute sesh that will challenge you as much as you challenge it.

When: 0530 – 0615 on 11/29/2018.

Where: The O, otherwise the tennis courts at Seneca Park. Directions here.

How: Through pure, indomitable will.

Why: Because you can and you should.

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