Murph BB at the O

Pax: Pepperoni, TFB, Tron, Wham!, Diablo, Nomar, Nugget, Chestnut, Viking, Speedbump, Face, OJ, Digiorno, Fridge, Pope, CI

Gearlander: Black Hurley swim trunks, gray/black camo Shirt, Feetures socks, NB MR 1400 running shoes, Fred, 20lb Hyperwear weight vest.

Conditions: 67*. Humid AF above merkin level. Awesome tunes through the air. Fall Guy approved.

If you’re reading this you prolly know what the Murph is. You know we did it to honor Lt. Michael Murphy and all who scarified so we can do things like run around a park and pretend to be badasses.

We all did it; some fast, some rucking (woof), some on a heavy dose of Bnox. It was partitioned for all you CF AHs. 5, 10, 15 x 20. For many it was their first, and I’m pretty pumped for those guys. You know you’ve done something after that set.

I appreciate everyone coming. I also appreciate the minimal complaints on my playlist. Looking forward to next year. Maybe I’ll catch Diablo; he challenged me to go sub 36. 😬

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