2/9 Ruiner Backblast-Tour de Ruiner

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax: Red Roof, Wham!, Fergie, Escort, Vincent (R), Pope, Tron, CI

Conditions: Eyeball freezing weather. 18*ish. Clear. No wind, which helped.

Gearlander: Same things I wore on last night’s ruck.

I picked up this Q despite it following a tough night ruck co-Q’d by beasts Diablo and Mad Cow and being out of town all week. The Ruiner is really important to me, and it was tough seeing no one take the Q. Figuring I’d be ok, I took it. But that ruck, woof. 9.5 heavy miles with that pallet push race. I felt fried when my alarm went off at 6:36. But if you know me, you know I can be a stubborn prick sometimes, so off I went.

Driving in, I realized today marks the completion of my latest act of stubbornness. I bet Zartan, seconded by Red Roof (that’s a dueling term for all you none Kentucky lawyers) on August 8 that I wouldn’t cut my hair for six months. Nothing on the line but pride and “want to”. I did it. And my mane is flowing now. Made me figure Qing after last night’s beatdown was just part of the bargain I get for making deals with myself. And, hell, what would a few more miles hurt?

As the Pax rolled in, still not certain what I’d put them through, I saw a real strong group. So I decided we’d run the entire Ruiner, see all it has to offer and do some exercises along the way. Off we went.

Here’s the map of the 4.5ish miles we got in. At the stops we did these things 20xIC unless noted : 1. Grass grabbers. 2. SSHs. 3. Copperhead squats. 4. Merkins (sc). 5. LBCs. 6. Derkins (Sc). 7. Flutter kicks. 8. Squat jumps (sc). 9. Squats. 10. Lunges. 11. Dips and step ups.

We may have done some other stuff but I don’t recall. Some great chatter though. Proud of everyone – especially Pope who hadn’t gotten 4.5 in a bit. Y’all take the rest of the day off as Red Roof would say.

With it cold, I took us out with a quick COR, NOR sand COT. Then, Tron and I went to my car to record our first podcast. It may never see the light of day because it has to go through a tough vetting, but keep and eye out at the PUT6 podcast, just in case Hello Kitty runs out of material.

CI out.

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