2.7.19 BB for The Agony at The County

It’s all a matter of perspective. Looking at the forecast for Thursday I was cursing Mother Nature. C’mon! I got the Q! How could you dump rain on what I had planned? But you know what? It was almost 60 degrees at O dark thirty in the morning…in February! I take that back Mother Nature. Thank you for not making us endure another single digit workout! If what I have to do is to put together a Plan A and a Plan B wienke…so be it. I have an Execon full of possibilities and have been through enough workouts to borrow genius from past Q’s. It didn’t take me too long to figure out what I would do with no rain. And if it dumped on us, I could put together a solid beatdown under the portico that St. Al’s has to offer. As it turns out, Mother Nature and the Sky Q must be big supporters of F3 because, I kid you not, it stopped raining at 0530 and started pouring again at 0630. It was truly a blessed start to the day! Looks like it’s going to be Plan A.

Not knowing who would show with the possibility of a monsoon, I was stoked to see one PAX member after another pull into the lot. We had 12 in total.

PAX: Jerry McGuire (R), Sweet Tart, Jolly Rancher, Katniss, Viking, Airplane, Valdez, Alexa, Scratch-n-Dent, Ashley, Crockpot, BigBird(Q)

Started with a COR and a disclaimer. Moseyed around the campus and ended up by the playground for:

COP: High Knees 20 IC, SSH 20 IC, Batwings 10 IC each direction, Mountain Climbers 20 IC, 10 Merkins, Plank Jacks 20 IC, 10 Merkins, Peter Parkers 20 IC, 10 Merkins…Recover.

Moseyed to the steep hill by the Eagles Nest where Thelma and Louise sleep. Grabbed coupons for The Thang. Partnered up. Cycle 1: Partner 1 Mosey down the hill and Bernie Sanders up (x2) Partner 2, 50 Man-Makers. Cycle 2: Partner 1 Mosey down the hill and Bear Crawl up (x2) Partner 2, 100 shoulder press. Cycle 3: Bernies and 100 upright rows. Cycle 4: Mountain Climbers and 100 merkins.

Return coupons and head to the portico for a bit of fun. If you read my Pre Blast, you saw I made mention of rubber ducky. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to pay homage to my buddy Ernie from “The Street.” Played the Rubber Ducky song and did SSH the entire time. Every time we heard the quack we would drop down for a burpee and when we heard consecutive quacks we would go down for three burpees. Didn’t realize there were that many quacks in the song.

After silly time was over we circled up for Mary and Captain Thor. We would get to 8 BBSU’s and 32 American Hammers by 0615. Time to circle up.

Announcements: Friday Ruck. Made mention of the February M challenge. Prayed for special intentions and shared a quote that my M sent me the day prior: “God invites you to experience the power of the little things. If you cannot find peace in the journey, you will not find peace in the destination. Be present in your own life.”

Until next time…


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