Q:  Captain Insane-o

Pax (21, 2 FNGs) (behold this group of CGs):  Fergie, Soft Wood (FNG), Peroni, Vincent (R), Star Child, Glenn Ross, Gillespie, OJ, Zoolander, Zartan, Diablo, Trony, Violet, Sweatshop, Pork Chop, Shank (FNG), Trump, Quimby, Busssscccchhh, Deuce, CI

Conditions:  33*, a bit of cloudcover.  Dry until the last 10 minutes when it was either raining or the Pax was crying.  I couldn’t tell.

A lot went down today, and a lot has been going on.  You may want to use the bathroom now, because this one could be long.

Double Down

Our good friend and one of our strongest Pax is down.  But it won’t be for long because he is so strong both physically and mentally.  Nino said it best when he said @hawk928 Double Down is a pillar of F3.  He’s positive, encouraging, strong, a great family man, father and husband.  We all look up to him and are proud to call him our friend.

Grab an Ace for December 4 (or any time really), go to a workout, take a picture of the entire Pax and post it on Twitter to show Double Down that we — and all of F3 Nation — have his back.

I love you man.  Hurry back.

This Workout

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car, so it’s no wonder that this workout came to me while I was driving.  Specifically, I was in Middletown dropping my 2.0 off at soccer when I thought of it.  It really wasn’t anything special, but I thought it would give guys of all levels a chance to push as hard as they wanted to push without having to do anything too stupid.  Of course, @peterandashely Zoolander will disagree because he clearly thinks at least one thing we did was stupid.  He said it.  A couple of times.  And I’m pretty sure once he’s done icing his face, he’ll also say that @f3starchild is stupid.

All the driving, plus work, plus some other stuff has knocked me off my normal 3-5 posts per week, so I was really excited to Q today; especially after having just regained use of my legs after @glynross‘s Q on Monday.

The Pax

The group that came today (minus @michaelbovine Madcow and @ochsner15 Methane, who are apparently impervious to my charm) was borne, in part, from last night’s happy hour.  Can you believe that I strong-armed many of these guys to come to the workout?  I mean it’s not like that’s my style or anything.  I actually pinned Zoolander into the fire lane at our kid’s school with my truck to get his HC.

I also made sure Zoolander and @trumpf3 knew that one of our mutual friends would be at today’s workout for his first time.  Shank – one of today’s FNGs – is a guy that @f3gillispie and I have known for 20+ years.  Zoo and Trump have known him for a minute too.  I was pumped when he actually found me (note:  if you want to reach me, don’t e-mail me at my gmail account), to know he was ready for F3.

I literally just texted him before starting this Backblast.  No response.  Not even an acknowledgement.

So to add it up:  I had to force some of my best friends to come through near vehicular violence and strong-arming, and I’ve clearly lost another who I used as bait to convince others of my friends to come to my Q.  Maybe it’s good I’ve been on hiatus?  Nah, Quimby came, so it’s all good.

The Thang

I got to the O reasonably early.  I had to prep a bit.  This involved taking a sack of balls to one of the tennis courts, and then marking the tennis courts in certain corners with names of exercises.  All of this took longer than I expected, so I was 1 minute late when I started my disclaimer.

After a longer than normal disclaimer (due to the FNGs), we moseyed the long way around to the tennis courts.  On the way, @jmknight991 OJ lit up his new nuclear powered head lamp.  It was so bright, the City of Hurstborne threatened to sue us.

He also set a blistering pace, which wasn’t Shoplifting the Q’tie, Zoo. ;^)


All 20xIC

Grass Grabbers
Imperial Walkers
Plank Jacks
5 Boyos

Thang 1

This is what I came up with in my car.  It’s easier to show it than say it, but I’ll do both.  Cloverleaf BLIMPS.  Starting at the bottom of the large tennis courts, Pax ran clockwise to the corner.  At every other corner was a listed exercise:  Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats.  Big courts were a hard run; small courts were a sprint.  The first exercise started at 10x, then at each station, Pax added 5.   So, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35.  This meant if you blazed around, you’d hit the Burpee station on the second round at 40.  This is where Zoo said I reneged on my promise not to do anything stupid.


I encouraged everyone to run with someone who would push them.  I chose @buschhhhh, OJ and @f3diablo.  Man, that was stupid.  Right, Zoo?  Those guys set a blistering pace and we made it around a couple of times.  Before Busch ran us over to do 70 burpees, I called it.  I had another Thang up my sleeve.

Thang 2

Burpee Dodgeball.  I thought this was a first, but I was reminded by our eidetic Pax that, @mlega Nugget had, in fact, done Burpee Dodgeball before, and that I was a loser.  That said, it was fun, or at least it was until Star Child pelted Zoo IN THE FACE!  I just talked to Star Child, and he told me this:

“You know – we all know – that I have no skills, right?  So I had the ball and I was aiming for the mass of him.  But when I threw it, it just went high and hit him in the face.  I hope I didn’t hurt that beautiful face.”

I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  It was worth the price of admission.

Anyway, we messed around with this for a while.  If you got hit, it was 5 burpees until  you got hit again and then you added 5 more to those five, so on and so on.  Eventually, I called it to true knock out dodgeball, with the knocked out Pax joining me for Mary, which consisted of:

Gas pumps 20xIC
Da Vincents 20xIC
Hands up Freddie Mercuries 15xIC
Rosalitas 20xIC

We ended with a mosey back around the tennis courts the way we came to the flag for COR, NOR.  Welcome Soft Wood — who got his name because he sells soft wood; get your head out the gutter — and Shank — who is a scratch golfer; you know how we know?  He told us, that’s how.

Announcements included Peroni’s VQ at the Ruiner this weekend.  He said he’s bringing trained seals or something.  Not to be missed.  @zhanley Zartan/Busch 12/21 Ruck event, and the toy drive for Uspiritus (which has been renamed something new).

Intentions for @vincentf3lou‘s lost friend, and for Double Down.

I took us out asking that we take a pause today to check in on a friend we haven’t heard from in a while, or at least to check our e-mail.  You never know when an old friend may be trying to contact you.

CI out.

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