9/5 Blender Preblast-No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I signed up to Q because I had an agreement with the Blender Site Q (nameless for this Preblast) that he’d Q the Carpenter. So far, the Carp hasn’t seen his name on the sheet. Oh well, I’m not salty. And if I were, I’d just take it out on the Pax tomorrow at theContinue reading “9/5 Blender Preblast-No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

8/24 Big 4 Bridge @F3VilleBlack Ops Backblast

Qs:  Roger Roger, Midget 4 Life, Emeril Pax:  Red Roof, Zartan, Roger Roger, Wham!, Midget 4 Life, Deadbolt, Digiorno, Chestnut, Fergie, Bussscccchh, Emeril, Duece, Tron, Face, CI Not sure where to start on this BB, so I’ll go vanilla, even though this morning was not. Conditions:  62*, 83% relative humidity.  Football weather. Gearlander:  Smedium shirt,Continue reading “8/24 Big 4 Bridge @F3VilleBlack Ops Backblast”

F3 Louisville 8/24 Black Ops at Big 4 Bridge Preblast – This Will Be Difficult @midget04life @f3villeblackops

My buddy, Midget 4 Life, is visiting Louisville with a gaggle of F3 South Wake friends.  I met M4L at Bradford’s Ordinary, where I guest Q’d last September. His stinging feedback on my Q was, “I was told your Q would be hard.  It wasn’t.” Ya’ll know me, so you know what expect tomorrow.  He’sContinue reading “F3 Louisville 8/24 Black Ops at Big 4 Bridge Preblast – This Will Be Difficult @midget04life @f3villeblackops”

F3 Louisville Las Vegas Backblast 8/20

Pax: Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Captain Insane-o (YHC) This three man wolf pack woke up to a dry, and unnecessarily aggressive, 90* morning. DD and I grabbed LJ off the treadmill where he’d just finished a 6 mile warmup up, for an agreed upon dealer’s choice beatdown at the Welcome to Las VegasContinue reading “F3 Louisville Las Vegas Backblast 8/20”

8/18 Ruiner Death Race Backblast

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (19): Pope (FIFO), Glenn Ross, Busssccch, Red Roof, Scuba Steve, Duplo, Fergie, Digiorno, Chestnut, Vincent (R), Zoolander, Chicken Fried, Noxeema Jackson (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty), Deuce, Tureen, Face, Jitterbug (R), Kramer (DR from F3 St. Louis), CI I thought about writing this entire Backblast from Red Roof’s perspective, but youContinue reading “8/18 Ruiner Death Race Backblast”

Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth – 8/16 County Backblast

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (10): Star Child, Launch Pad, Viking, Nino, Airplane, Steerage (LI), Big Bird, Zartan, Double Down, CI. Zeus, the Greek God of Thunder and Lightning, was there but did not workout. He’s a wimp. Conditions: 71*, steady rain, nearby sky show (which resulted in my plan being scrapped), greasy Gearlander: Hurley shortsContinue reading “Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth – 8/16 County Backblast”

8/16 Agony Preblast – My VQ at the County

I’m looking forward to my VQ at the County this Thursday.  Pretty sure Airplane wants me to bring a bunch of heavy stuff.  I still may; haven’t figured out the workout yet.  I’m not going to do the Lead School stuff; looks like that’ll happen Saturday.  So Thursday will be a surprise for everyone, IContinue reading “8/16 Agony Preblast – My VQ at the County”

8/7/18 @F3Carpenter Backblast – Leaders Gonna Lead

Q:  Captain Insane-o Pax (8, 2 tanked):  Red Roof, Zartan, Tron, Chestnut, Kilo, Snowman, Flounder, CI Conditions:  Dark.  77*.  80% humidity.  Concrete was hard.  Grass was wet. Gearlander:  Suns Out Guns Out Tank Top (screw the Conditions), Merrell trail shoes, Features socks, Hurley shorts (used to be swim trucks), folded Buff to contain my growingContinue reading “8/7/18 @F3Carpenter Backblast – Leaders Gonna Lead”

8/7 Carpenter Preblast – Lead School

This F3 thing has been pretty good, right? Solid foundation, strong Pax, big impact. But how? Leaders. Leaders have done this. Whether it’s the Site Qs, the Nant’an, the 2nd F Q, or just the guy that’s a magnet or the dynamite, these leaders have been a big part of keeping this thing on theContinue reading “8/7 Carpenter Preblast – Lead School”

7/24 Carpenter Backblast – Alive For One More Day cc @valhkillmer

Q: CI Pax (21; 8 Tanked*): Abacus, Methane, Cutlass, Shiplap, Hot Wheels, Airplane, OJ, Zima, Snowman, Big Bird, Trump, Tin Cup, Fergie, Pork Chop, Retainer, Flo Jo, Face, Huggies, Tricycle, Scuba Steve, CI (YHC) Can the eight of you that read this keep a secret? The Carpenter could be in trouble. And it’s my fault.Continue reading “7/24 Carpenter Backblast – Alive For One More Day cc @valhkillmer”

7/19 Temple of Gloom Backblast: 7 Piece Nugget

Q: Nugget Pax (14): Porkchop, Redhawk, Nugget, Cutlass, Tin Cup, Tron, Red Roof, OJ, Carmen Sandiego (FNG), Captain Insaneo (YHC), Sweatshop, Mayberry, Zima, Chicken Fried. Fall Guy (R) popped by to say Hi after getting in 7 Miles. Woof. Conditions: Like Glorious and Ideal had a baby named Beyoncé. Gearlander: Nugget had on clothes. HalfContinue reading “7/19 Temple of Gloom Backblast: 7 Piece Nugget”

Slackchat Friday 7/6 Noon – Give a HIM Slack and he’ll waste a day, teach a HIM Slack and he’ll waste a lifetime

With all of the new Pax, I’m going to host another Slackchat. This will be a chance for you to ask any questions you have about how to do things in Slack or elsewhere (website, etc.). It’ll be this Friday 7/6 at noon. I’ve created a channel for this in Slack called #slackchat. All youContinue reading “Slackchat Friday 7/6 Noon – Give a HIM Slack and he’ll waste a day, teach a HIM Slack and he’ll waste a lifetime”

CI Day Backblast from the Extender at the Mutt 6/28/18 #HIDA

Q: Captain Insane-o (YHC; HIDA; tanked in a HIDA tank top) Pax (22, 1 FNG; Last In (LI)): Glenn Ross, Wapner (DR from F3 Indianapolis), Hooch, Pinky Pie, Duece, Star Child, Cowbell, Fridge, Retainer, Digiorno, Face, Tiger, Snowman, PED, Sump Pump, Tammy Faye Baker (TFB) (FNG), Backdraft, Tureen, Gepetto, Mouth, Left Eye, CI I reallyContinue reading “CI Day Backblast from the Extender at the Mutt 6/28/18 #HIDA”

Extender Preblast – 6/28/2018 – It’s CI Day at the Mutt Again

I took a break from Q’ing (and a vacation), and now I’m back ready to make friends and influence people by forcing them to do horrible things early in the morning. You should come tomorrow.  All you need is that “Can Do Attitude” you always have (and normal gear, like shorts at least.  You mayContinue reading “Extender Preblast – 6/28/2018 – It’s CI Day at the Mutt Again”

Q: What’s that smell? A: Hot wood. Sojourn BO Backblast 6/25/2018

Q:  Captain Insaneo Pax (11):  Face, Zartan, Snowman, Cowbell, Fridge, Diablo, McAfee, Big Bird, Piggy, Tool Time, CI Gearlander: Tri-blend F3/GORUCK Tshirt (with sleeves); Nike shorts; Swiftwick socks; New Balance trail shoes (which were handy because of the tread); Navy Buff with red, pink and white accents; can do attitude. 100lb Sandbag – Big ValContinue reading “Q: What’s that smell? A: Hot wood. Sojourn BO Backblast 6/25/2018”

Sojourn 6/25 Black Op Preblast – Heavy Heavy

I’m gonna bring some heavy stuff (some shown below) and some other stuff with me to Sojourn tomorrow. You’ll have lots of choices, but you’re going to work so bring that can do attitude. Meet in the back lot. The AO is at Sojourn Church East 2501 Rudy Ln, Louisville, KY 40207, USA. SYITG Love,Continue reading “Sojourn 6/25 Black Op Preblast – Heavy Heavy”

June 22 Capture the Flag Ruck Event – (Maybe) Final Preblast

10 Teams; +/-40 Pax.  Here is your (maybe) Final update/packing list: 1. Each team must have a sharpie to mark their map (or a marker capable of marking a laminated map), so they can clearly mark the map and text the image at 8 pm. 2. Teams must stay together at all times. 3. “CapturedContinue reading “June 22 Capture the Flag Ruck Event – (Maybe) Final Preblast”

5/29 Carpenter PreBlast – Guest Q from @F3Omaha

Who: All Pax who want to get better and meet one of the HIM responsible for launching F3 Omaha What: a F3 beatdown. Tank tops preferred. When: Tuesday, May 29 Where: the Carpenter at Joe Creason. Meet in the small lot off Sheridan HERE How: Through pure, indomitable tank topped will Why: Because you trashedContinue reading “5/29 Carpenter PreBlast – Guest Q from @F3Omaha”

Sojourn BO Backblast – The Q Brought a Hook to a Tickle Fight @f3villeblackops

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (20): Jordy, Plethora, Zoolander, Zima, Digiorno, Piggy, Gepetto, Fridge, Glenn Ross (milkshake), Cardinal, Left Eye, Wedding Singer, Spinal Tap (Enya), Mouth, Busssccccchhh, McAfee, Donut (yesterday’s FNG; BOOM), Donger (knows every DJ Kahlid and Mumble Rap song on the planet), Butcher (Slack guilt works folks), CI (YHC) Conditions:  69* (stop), muggy likeContinue reading “Sojourn BO Backblast – The Q Brought a Hook to a Tickle Fight @f3villeblackops”

5/22 Sojourn BO Preblast: Ropes, Kettlebells and Sandbags, Oh My. @valhkillmer

Zartan and I traded, so I get a break from the Carp. He gets to wear his sweet TT. Whoever comes to Sojourn gets to lift stuff. We gonna go heavy heavy. You’ll lift so much you’ll want to run… Who: All Pax who want to work but not run What: A heavy heavy workoutContinue reading “5/22 Sojourn BO Preblast: Ropes, Kettlebells and Sandbags, Oh My. @valhkillmer”

5/19 Ruiner Backblast – 1 Year Later

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax (18): Face, Cardinal (1Y anniversary), Flounder, Jordy (1Y anniversary), Diablo, Glenn Ross, Fridge, OJ, Pablo, Nickleback, Catfish (happy birthday), Duplo (FNG), Ratchet, Loco, Wham!, Vincent (R), Left Eye, CI (1 year anniversary) Conditions: 69* (stop), muggy, moist. Like you’d imagine. But a nice breeze was blowing around. Gearlander: “I Want YouContinue reading “5/19 Ruiner Backblast – 1 Year Later”

Black Op Ruck BB – Nothing Fancy

Mad Cow, Wham!, Star Child, Flounder, Zartan, Old Bay, Mouth and CI went for a ruck over the Big 4 Bridge to Indiana and back. Here are the highlights: The train almost made us all late The Ferris Wheel is gone, but it was expensive and you could have got stuck watching fireworks Zoo isContinue reading “Black Op Ruck BB – Nothing Fancy”

#Ruiner 5/19 Preblast – For My F3 Birthday, I’ll Give You Some Gifts @OF3Louisville

May 20, 2017 was my first F3 post. On May 19, 2018, I’ll have been part of F3 for 364 days. The 1st F has been great. I’m in better shape. With each workout, led by a friend, a new friend or soon to be friend, I’ve gotten a little better each time. If youContinue reading “#Ruiner 5/19 Preblast – For My F3 Birthday, I’ll Give You Some Gifts @OF3Louisville”

Sevierville Black Ops Backblast 5/16/18

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax: Double Down (R), Lil Smoky, CI [Read in your If You Give a Mouse a Cookie voice]: When you’re on a work retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains with Pax named Lil Smoky, you’re going to work out. We agreed last night that since F3 Knoxville was 53 minutes away, we’dContinue reading “Sevierville Black Ops Backblast 5/16/18”

5/1/18 Carpenter Backblast – If you can’t measure it…

QIT (Q in Tank):  Captain Insaneo Pax (6 Tanked):  Shiplap, Face, OJ, Flo Jo, PK, Plethora, Nugget, Red Roof, Scuba Steve, Nickleback, CI (YHC) I won’t go on and on about the GrowRuck here, but I will say two things:  1.  Q’ing two days after finishing a GORUCK Tough is silly; 2. I was reallyContinue reading “5/1/18 Carpenter Backblast – If you can’t measure it…”

5/1 Carpenter PreBlast – CI Back in Action for Some Reason

While it may appear that what I did this weekend (a custom GORUCK Tough) was the dumbest thing I’ve done to date, it was actually signing up to Q tomorrow some weeks ago that is, in fact, the dumbest thing I’ve done. Come help me get celebrate idiocy at the Carpenter at Joe Creason ParkContinue reading “5/1 Carpenter PreBlast – CI Back in Action for Some Reason”