Black Op Ruck BB – Nothing Fancy

Mad Cow, Wham!, Star Child, Flounder, Zartan, Old Bay, Mouth and CI went for a ruck over the Big 4 Bridge to Indiana and back. Here are the highlights:

  • The train almost made us all late
  • The Ferris Wheel is gone, but it was expensive and you could have got stuck watching fireworks
  • Zoo is some kind of Svengali
  • It’s the Qs not the shirts
  • We know now of a guy just looking for the right gal
  • Don’t invite Zartan to Gburg
  • Manny and Merle are stage names
  • There’s a gang in Indiana by the river that almost took us out
  • There are some logs we considered carrying there too
  • We want Mickey to move here
  • Mouth’s hair + head band = amazing
  • Flounder has rucked before. Thank you for your service
  • We have a great thing going here


CI out.

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