8/24 Big 4 Bridge @F3VilleBlack Ops Backblast

Qs:  Roger Roger, Midget 4 Life, Emeril

Pax:  Red Roof, Zartan, Roger Roger, Wham!, Midget 4 Life, Deadbolt, Digiorno, Chestnut, Fergie, Bussscccchh, Emeril, Duece, Tron, Face, CI

Not sure where to start on this BB, so I’ll go vanilla, even though this morning was not.

Conditions:  62*, 83% relative humidity.  Football weather.

Gearlander:  Smedium shirt, Hurley Shorts, Features Socks, NB MR 1400 running shoes (great call), Fred (my desert digital camo Buff), can do attitude.

M4L let me know a few weeks ago that he, Emeril, Roger Roger and Deadbolt would be visiting the River City this weekend to celebrate a birthday and drink some bourbon.  He asked if I could get a workout set up, and I was happy to oblige.  We planned to split the workout down the middle, but when I arrived, I found out that he and his posse had different plans.  Forgive my memory, as this was a snotwoggler.

Sidenote:  Deadbolt almost didn’t make it.  You see, the F3 South Wake crew was jogging (j is silent) a mile and a half from the newly built Omni hotel to the Big 4 Bridge.  The Omni and the surrounding hotels and Convention Center, sits on what used to be an alley of strip clubs, dive bars and sex toy shops.  All of them shut down 12-15 years ago, but one.  The Love Boutique.

As they jogged, we’re told a gold lamé thong in the window of the Love Boutique caught their eye, causing Deadbolt to miss a curb, bite it, crack his phone and nearly lose consciousness.  It’s for this reason, he did not Q (or perhaps I lost consciousness and simply don’t recall).

Mosey to the middle of the bridge for Good Mornings, then to the top for Imperial Walkers and Hillbillys.  I believe all 10xIC.

Mosey across the bridge for merkins, hand release merkins.  All 20xSC.  5 Boyos.

Thang 1

Mosey to the bottom of the bridge on the Indiana side.  Catch me if you can, up the slope, P1 2 Merkins, tries to catch P2.  Mosey back to bottom.

At bottom Irkins, Derkins and Dips on the wall.  20x each exercise 3 sets.

Thang 2

Partner Dora taking advantage of the slope again.  P1/P2 split 100 merkins, 150 LBC, 200 Squats.  One partner runs then relieves the other.

Thang 3

Mosey to the amphitheater for a burpee salmon ladder, all odds.  1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 of Burpees interspersed with a box jump to the next level.

Thang 4

Native American run to the bridge steps.  Partners quick up the steps, while groups waiting do AMRAP merkins.

Thang 5

Hard run back to the flag, ending with a Billy Run (Busch is fast, man) back to the Flag.

COR, NOR.  M4L said some kind words, then encouraged us to follow his Pax’s lead to help men in recovery by introducing them to F3.  BOM where Deadbolt took us out with a prayer for all, including Crab Legs.

Great being with this strong group of HIM.  A fun morning.  Little did we know this was all part of their BRR training; we totaled almost 4.1 miles in 45 minutes, with some solid elevation changes.

CI out.

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