8/18 Ruiner Death Race Backblast

Q: Captain Insane-o

Pax (19): Pope (FIFO), Glenn Ross, Busssccch, Red Roof, Scuba Steve, Duplo, Fergie, Digiorno, Chestnut, Vincent (R), Zoolander, Chicken Fried, Noxeema Jackson (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty), Deuce, Tureen, Face, Jitterbug (R), Kramer (DR from F3 St. Louis), CI

I thought about writing this entire Backblast from Red Roof’s perspective, but you can only type, “Awww crap” and “CI sucks” so many times. That said, Red Roof is 90% responsible for today’s workout.

He and I’ve talked about how we need to run more. So I planned today’s workout for heavy running. Heck, it was calendared as “Death Race”, which I think gently implies running.

And seconds after the disclaimer, Red Roof said, “we should do a Steinl”, or maybe he said, “we’re not going to do a Steinl, right?” Whichever he said, I took it as a request.

Conditions: really humid, probably 75*. Partly cloudy.

Gearlander: Bud Light Tank Top (much to Busch’s chagrin), Nike Shorts, Features socks, Merrell trail shoes (because we’d be running trails), F3 Louisville Hoorag, can do attitude.

I gave a long disclaimer explaining that today would be run heavy and for that reason anyone not ready to run a lot should run away. No one left. Peachy.

Short mosey to the far tennis court to meet up with Zoolander, who was parking on the other side of the park.



Slow Grass Grabbers 15 IC

Bluff Hikers 20 IC

Slow Abe Vigodas 15 IC

Then, a Steinl because, well, Red Roof. We did it 3 times:

Plank for 3 Pax ten counts, 10 Merkins, elbow plank for 3 Pax ten counts, back to plank for 10 Merkins, Peter Parker’s 10 IC, 10 Merkins.


Then we divided into 3 Man teams for the Death Race. I made maps that showed the route – .75 of a mile through the best part of the O – with Xs at certain spots. 6 Xs to be exact. At each X, each team would stop to do a portion of BLIMPS (burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, Merkins, plank jacks, squats) starting with 20, then with each lap descending down to 15, then 10, then 5. I explained that ambitious Pax would reset at 20 if they started a 5th lap. And that all Pax would meet back at the tennis court at 10 till endex. Thankfully Face cleared it all up because I was still feeling the Steinl. Here’s the route:

The bottom right corner is the infamous Half pipe. Some groups tackled that first, some last, which was cool because you’d often pass another team, which allowed for words of encouragement, or in my case, no eye contact from Tureen, who clearly hates me now.

We did this silliness for a while, and all regrouped at the tennis court. Just prior to the stop of this portion of the dumbness, Red Roof said, “we should do a Steinl”, or maybe he said, “we’re not going to do a Steinl, right?” Whichever he said, I took it as a request.

So we circled up for another Steinl. Then, we did some Mary, which consisted of flutter kicks, oblique v-ups, and big boi sit-ups at 15 count, flutters IC. Then with seconds to spare, one AYG across the 4 courts to the far fence. Then, a short mosey back to the flag to finish. Red Roof said we got 62 minutes of work in. You get what you pay for.

Circle up for COR and NOR. We welcomed DR Pax Kramer from St. Louis. He likes themed workouts and is developing a taste for bourbon. Enjoy our fair city and come back soon. Announcements from Chestnut on a 2ndF plan for the St X Trinity football game that Nugget is Planning. And Jitterbug talked about the 3rdF outreach he, Aerobie and Wapner continue which focuses on the homeless.

BOM, where intentions were given for those named and those unnamed. I took us out by recognizing the power of this group to help those that need our help and also to help ourselves be better every day, including today. Go get it.

CI out

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