rick-moranis-as-dark-helmet-in-spaceballsLast December Dark Helmet graced F3 Louisville with his presence and pontificated wildly about the proper way to Q a workout, the leadership roles of F3 and life. Since then, our PAX has grown significantly. In fact #thecounty was not even on the radar last December and now the site is drawing 20+ HIMs every workout. With all the new faces YHC began to consider the need for an iteration of Q-School / Lead School. Guys want to lead the workouts the right way, but it’s up to us as leaders to provide the example.

Our Grow Q, Zartan, was all for Q-School / Lead School with the caveat of Freed to Lead. Fair enough it will mean much more if the guys from the AO run point. Airplane, Valdez, and YHC spun up #theCounty the day after Derby and it’s grown so we kicked around the idea, selected and date and here we are.

Early in the planning YHC realized the workout needed to incorporate as many F3 principles as possible. Using the Pearls on a String workout structure was an easy decision. Now onto deciding what Pearls would provide challenge and keep the PAX together? Zartan and Airplane reached out to offer assistance. In true Free to Lead fashion, I delegated parts of the Q to these HIMs. They did not disappoint.

Day of the workout, YHC jumped out of bed at 0530 for a cup of coffee and to think through the details of the morning. I arrived on-site about 20 minutes early to make sure everything was solid.

Met the PAX at the flag, welcome everyone. Gave the disclaimer:

  1. Not a professional
  2. Everything is a suggestion
  3. Modify as necessary
  4. You are here on your free will. If you have a 2.0 you are taking responsibility for him

All agreed. We covered the mission of F3 – plant, grow, and serve small workout groups to invigorate male community leadership!

My goal was to cover one CORE PRINCIPLE at each Pearl on the string. Started off with:


We moseyed around the property for the start of COP.

Airplane stepped up to lead COP. During COP Airplane hit the 2nd CORE PRINCIPLE


As we worked through SSH, merkins, kendra newmans, abe vigotas Airplane covered proper exercise call out: Next Exercise is [merkins]. Starting position (pause), move. In-cadence (tell how PAX will do exercise). Exercise.

Moseyed to back parking lot

Abacus re-took the Q for THANG1

ATM (Shoulder Touches, Slow Count Merkins, Merkins I/C) 10 REPS each X 2 rounds then 1 round 5 REPS. Al GORE as active recovery

Bear Crawl across parking lot then 25 Air Squats and Bear Crawl back. Plank up waiting for 6.

Bear Crawl half way across then 30 jump lunges and Bear Crawl back. Plank up waiting for 6.

Brief AAR to go over what worked and what did not. YHC planned on 3 rounds of 10 ATMs. PAX were getting smoked and YHC modified to keep guys in the workout.

Moseyed to THANG2

Zartan took the Q. On way over he confirmed it was cool to make the next THANG confusing and vague. Perfect. This enforces the lessons Q-School is teaching!

Zartan’s instructions: Partner up and form two lines. Now two lines move over by the curb. The exercise is DORA with combined count 25 burpees, 50 merkins, 100 lunges, 200 LBCs while partner runs down there and completes 10 SSH single count and runs back.

AAR on this section: Confusing right? Lots of info and some wasted time moving the partners from one line to another.

Zartan quized PAX on 5 CORE Principles:

  1. F3 is always free
  2. Open to all men
  3. Held outdoors (rain or shine)
  4. Peer led
  5. Always end in COT

Moseyed to basketball court for PAX led MARY.

YHC circled up the PAX and announced each PAX calls out MARY exercise the proper way. A few started with just calling the exercise, calling ready position, exercise. It’s very important we use the right sequence. All PAX participated in calling out MARY except for Jolly Rancher (who was relived, I think) and Nino who was utterly disappointed that YHC called time.

Moseyed to the FLAG for COT. YHC took us out in prayer and thanksgiving for the opportunity to lead this group of men and help all of us accelerate our lives!

Thank you to all those who assisted and made this a great event!! Airplane, Valdez, Zartan, McAfee, Captain Insaneo

PAX – 19

Jolly Rancher, Nino, Nice n Slow, Huggies, Aquaman, Eleven, Battie, Valdez, Meter Maid, Zartan, Double Down (R), Big Bird, Hot Wheels, Amelia, Mama’s Boy, McAfee, Airplane, Boozer, Abacus Q



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