5/19 Ruiner Backblast – 1 Year Later

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax (18): Face, Cardinal (1Y anniversary), Flounder, Jordy (1Y anniversary), Diablo, Glenn Ross, Fridge, OJ, Pablo, Nickleback, Catfish (happy birthday), Duplo (FNG), Ratchet, Loco, Wham!, Vincent (R), Left Eye, CI (1 year anniversary)

Conditions: 69* (stop), muggy, moist. Like you’d imagine. But a nice breeze was blowing around.

Gearlander: “I Want You to Party” Tank Top, Hurley shorts (they may be swim trunks but they fit right and I like them), Swiftwick socks, Newbie trail shoes, my Buff that Zartan calls Fred.

Extra Gear: Val H. Killmer, the 60lb sandbag Q. Two Kettlebells, 30lbs each. A “Can Do Attitude”.

For those of you at the Smithsonian following along, today was my 1 year F3 burfday. Yeaaa!

I still recall how confused I was at my first post by the talk of pubic wigs, cadence counting, Ayes and gardening gloves.

So for this Workout, I thought about all the new guys we have, and figured I’d try my best to explain some of the “whys” of what we do.

I started with a disclaimer, longer than normal, since I was was wading into instruction beyond, “run up that hill and do shit”. I explained I was neither a professional nor the best at anything. Hell, I ain’t trying to be the best at exercising. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to try, and if I failed at what I was trying, everyone would get a good laugh.

I started with these questions:

How many Pax have been doing F3 less than 4 months?

2. How many have Q’d less than twice?

3. How many have questions, like what the heck does that mean or why do we do that?

Lots of hands raised. Heck, the majority of the Pax had been doing this less than 6 months. So a quick review of the Five Core Principles. Thanks for the reminder on Free. Not sure my Amex would agree, but hey we all make choices. See, told you I would screw up.

I next moved to Pearls on a String; the idea behind keeping everyone together, while ensuring everyone gets a good workout. Then, I pointed to my extra gear: Val and the two kettlebells. An Indigenous People Run with those would keep everyone together. Mostly.

Off we went. Kettlebell, sandbag Indian Run to the basketball courts. Pax in front carries Kettlebells. Pax in back does one man-maker with the sandbag, then passes to Pax in back, runs to front to take KBs.

Even my best attempt at Best Practices failed, though. The string kinda broke. Yea, all that crap was heavy and despite everyone’s Can Do Attitude we kinda broke the line on the way to the basketball courts. No worries. Diablo was there for the Six. HIM. Ah, and it gave me another idea for later.

Anyway, next up….

Parking lot COP

Here we focused on why we announce exercises the way we do and why we count. Before I go further, let me note that Flounder made great point I screwed up. 2 count cadence is Down, 1. Down, 2. Again, I screwed that one up but I think you got the point that some exercises are just better on a 2 count (eg squats and Merkins).

I appreciate it Flounder. My guy is a HIM. He’s also not missed since spring break. Glad he’s part of the Pax.

So we went over: How do we announce exercises? Why do we do that? Pretty sure I said cacophony here. I have a desk that smells of rich mahogany. Seriously, why did I say that? I guess it’s right. It’d be cacophonous if there was no announcement. And what if there was no count? It’d look like Nickleback Qing Goofballs. (Wink at NB). Pure fucking cacophony. Anyhoo.

Basically I did my best to review: What is cadence counting? How can it differ? I ran through 2 count cadence, 4 count cadence, 6 count cadence. I definitely jacked up some stuff here. But we did SSHs, Squats, Burpees and Merkins. 15 count of varying cadence.

Then we circled up for a circle burp, six count cadence. Each Pax had a chance here to count off a six count Burpee. This was good. I think it drove home that each count is a movement. It was also hard since we did high knees the whole time too.

Next up, Thang 1:

Another IPR over to the half pipe. There I explained our comz, our website and Slack. Basically, I wanted everyone to know where everything is and why we do it. Mainly, we do it to keep the 2nd F strong. Because that’s the reason F3 Louisville is so strong. I also explained that none of it is hard; it’s a matter of doing it and learning. Backblasts and Preblasts have a purpose and it’s legit. It’s just a matter of doing it. Not hard. What would be hard was what we’d do next.

Line up. Pax with sandbag runs with it to the bottom of the Half-pipe. Before leaving, that Pax calls an exercise that the remaining pax does until he returns. Next Pax does same thing. Until all Pax cycle through. We did Merkins, flutters, dying cockroaches, flutters, heels to heaven, heel raises, Burpees, squats, jump squats, bear crawls, crawl bears, Crab walks and other stuff. 18 things on AMRAP plus Val on the half pipe. Voof. This was a fun set. It was tough, but the Pax got to talk and bullshit. It was here that Duplo told us he got headlocked by a F3 Lexington Pax (who just started last week) and just moved to town! This is also where Jordy came up with Duplo. Our boy is a structural engineer. That’s awesome. Pretty sure there’s something to this F3 thing.

Once done another IPR to the baseball infield. Here we Line up on infield line. I called the movement to the outfield fence and the exercise/number at the fence and we jogged back. First was bear crawl, LBCs 50, jog. Vincent = Larry Bird. Some guys got back and planked. Some guys put their hands on their knees. Here’s where I was able to use Diablo’s example from earlier to explain the Six. Why we always work for the Six – by planking or doing something – or if possible by going back for the six. Hands on knees is not an exercise. Bottom line: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.

Next up, lunge walk (win claps between legs) to fence, 25 T Merkins, jog back.

IPR back to the flag, then the tennis courts for Mary Webb. 1:4 Gas Pumps:Flutter kicks. We ended at 10:40 at 1 hour on the dot.

COR, NOR. How about having Cardinal and Jordy there one year later for their burfday? Cutlass went to Flexington. Stud. Also Y1 F3 birthday boy. That was great. My guy Face came (and got a sweet patch, too). Hell, everyone was there except those that weren’t but that’s cool, because I saw they got better somewhere else. I closed out with some words. Obviously I like F3. But it’s because of all the friends I’ve made. And the sandbags. But really mostly the way it’s enriched my life.

And as you can see, even after a year, I don’t know what I’m doing. I screwed up a bunch. Hell, I realized today I challenged all of twitter to do 10000 Merkins in June and used 31 days to divide to get the daily requirement. June has 30 days. Cacophony though. I used that word in a sentence. Anyway, the lesson; the reason you stuck around: Lots of room and years to GET BETTER with F3.

CI out

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