WAYBACKBlast #BagOfWrenches at the O 5/8/18

QIC: Jordy comeback Q


Jordy (Q), Little Jerry (Respect), Wham!, Goodman, Diablo, Fall Guy (Respect), Cardinal, Scratch, Bean Counter, Loco, Piggy, Lamb, Donger, Butcher, Pablo, Double Down (Respect)

“I won’t deny it, I’m a straight ridah you don’t wanna f@#* wit me”- Tupac Shakur, VQ at the O 1995

“Green Sally up and Green Sally down, Lift and Squat gotta tear the ground”- Green Sally, many many times last Tuesday at the O

So yeah, all apologies here for the late backblast. I’m “that guy”, for posting late. So here it is, the WAYBACKBlast for my return Q.

Jordy, an OG at the O finally returned to the Q at the sacred AO, and brought his pain game and boombox. 16 PAX crushed a CrossFit regionals workout set to Tupac, met Green Sally, and did the Magic Dance with David Bowie. Here’s how it went down…

Light jog around to coupons, pick up, return to tennis courts


20 SSH Cadence

Arm circles

Runners/hip openers

Squat stretch


Deep squats

Coupon Thruster

THANG- Tupac

Thruster-Burpee Ladder


Coupon thruster

Burpee over coupon

MARY- 3 Songs

1)Green Sally Up- Coupon squat- 3:25

2)Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher- Overhead coupon hold- 3:00

3) Magic Dance- Plank hold, up to SSH for chorus- 2:15 (I believe Wham! just danced here, no actual exercise)

Jog with coupons back to field, Coupons up


3 AYG sprints across the field

Back to Flag


COT, intentions, prayers

Such a strong showing on my return Q. I was no match for the PAX. All got better.

“I ain’t mad at ya, got nothin but love for ya”

Jordy out

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