Shower Didn’t Take – 9/5 Blender Preblast

Q:  Captain Insane-o

Pax (16):  Old Bay, PED, Chestnut, Wham!, Nugget, Glenn Ross, Zima, Ham, Diablo, OJ, Bussscccchhh, Grinder, Fridge, Cowbell, Backdraft, CI

Conditions:  78*, 94% relative humidity.  Is it possible to wear a morning?  If so, we did.

Gearlander:  Blue Nike shirt (survived the drone strike), Hurley shorts (also survived the drone strike; Nike owns Hurley.  If this offends you, I’m really sorry.  You can write me here.  It’s actually a very funny commentary on the ridiculous nature of our selective outrage. If you are outraged, though, do me a favor and stop reading right now and go volunteer to do something and stop talking.  Channel your anger.), Feetures socks, Merrell trail/running shoes, Navy buff with bright colors, all wrapped up in a hot, humid morning that clung to me like a stage 5.

Soooooo, I totally would have whiffed on this Q had Zartan not come to the Carpenter on Tuesday.  In fact, while Star Child was running through his 100 SSHs, I was thinking of how nice it was going to be to sleep in on Wednesday.  You see, I haven’t felt the best since late last week.  Whether it’s school starting, or my age showing, or racing Busch, or something, I just haven’t been 100.  But kudos, Zartan.

Z:  “Hey man, you got something fun planned for tomorrow?”
CI:  “What’s tomorrow?”
Z:  “You’re Q’ing the Blender, aren’t you?”
CI:  “Nah man, you crazy….”
Z:  “Yea, no, and I think you’re Q’ing Friday with Kilo at the Tank, too.”
CI:  “Well, shi….”

Sure enough when I pulled upon our handy calendar, Z was right. He’s always right, dammit.

But here’s the thing.  Here’s the secret.  Here’s the lesson of this Backblast…..

You ready?


This will blow your mind!

Keep going….

















The Mutt is 10 minutes closer to my house, so I didn’t have to wake up until 5:10 am. Woo-f#cking-hoo!!!!!!

Here’s what we did:


21 Grassgrabbers IC
11 Merkins Single Count
21 Freddie Mercuries (Adam Lamberts) IC
11 of something else
6 Slow Grassgrabbers IC

Thang 1

Everyone grab a coupon and go to the large playground.

21 Pull ups
21 Coupon Squat Thrusters (focused on form; deep squat boys)
1 lap around the school (about 400 yds)

11 Pull ups
11 Coupon Squat Thrusters (focused on form; deep squat boys)
1 lap around the school (about 400 yds)

6 Pull ups
6 Coupon Squat Thrusters (focused on form; deep squat boys)
1 lap around the school (about 400 yds)

Early finishers do 5 and 5 until 6 returns.

Thang 2

Mosey to return the coupons.  Partner up.

P1:  21 Box jumps
P2:  21 Merkins
Early finishers elbow plank

P1:  11 Step ups (both legs = 1)
P2:  11 Squats (deeeeeeper)
Early finishers elbow plank

P1:  6 (x2) Dips
P2:  6 (x2) Carolina Dry Docks
Early finishers elbow plank

Thang 3:
Mosey back up to where there was some air for an every line suicide in the parking lot.  This is just as awful as it sounds, and this is what the lot looks like (sans cars, except the food truck in the lot that tried to run us down).

Image from iOS

Thanks, Juice for the pic.  He said we went 21 spaces.

We ended with some Mary(ish) exercises.  I tried something new, and failed spectacularly.  That said, we almost hurdled the delivery truck that was bearing down on us with bad intentions.

COR, NOR, BOM.  I asked Old Bay (now Older Bay; Happy Birthday) to take us out.  I think I surprised him, but he did great (as always) and asked us to be patient and to be thankful for the fact that we get to do and be.

CI out.

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