7/24 Carpenter Backblast – Alive For One More Day cc @valhkillmer


Pax (21; 8 Tanked*): Abacus, Methane, Cutlass, Shiplap, Hot Wheels, Airplane, OJ, Zima, Snowman, Big Bird, Trump, Tin Cup, Fergie, Pork Chop, Retainer, Flo Jo, Face, Huggies, Tricycle, Scuba Steve, CI (YHC)

Can the eight of you that read this keep a secret? The Carpenter could be in trouble. And it’s my fault. I pushed for this site, thinking there would surely be guys (guys I know and have EH’d to no avail (well, one workout and done, avail)) in the Highlands that would flock to this site. But we’ve not had the traction I hoped for. That said, it’s an awesome site that I plan to keep working to plant. And based on today’s turn out — which I hope wasn’t, but think may be an anomaly — others feel the same. For that, I’m damn appreciative. But if we don’t start drawing new blood, the Carpenter may be a Spring/Summer AO only. It’s okay. We’ve learned a lot from it. For example, if you build it, they may not come. Fifteen to twenty minutes is a big deal for Pax to travel. Tank tops aren’t as much of a draw as I thought they’d be. Anyway, if you’re not failing, you’re not trying. And we haven’t failed yet. In fact, today was a total success, so there’s that.

Conditions: Perf. It was so nice that I’m worried we’re going to pay for this later this year.


  • Hospital Green/fairy creatured Toledo Walmart Tank Top; Hurley shorts; Features socks; Merrell trail running shoes; Buff.
  • 5 Wooden Pallets; Two 60# Sandbags (Val H. Killmer (both ’86 Val weight))

As always, Face was down, so I swung by to get him. These days, he doesn’t even react when he sees my rig filled with coupons, pallets, sandbags and the lot. As he said last night when he HC’d: he doesn’t get up for easy. And when I picked him up, his tank literally said, Beast. Beast. So today, I tried to make it hard.

We got there early to stow the accoutrements in plain sight. Then, we parked in the normal lot. Face planted the flag, and the Pax streamed in. I confided in Face that my workout was planned for 15 Pax. This was a perfectly reasonable plan, since we hover between 10-15 at the Carp. But the Pax kept coming. I’m pretty sure it was Airplane’s clown car, out of which Big Bird tumbled, that put us over the edge. A quick count to 21 and YHC did some on the fly adjustments to the meinke (mental weinke).

Short mosey past the entrance down to the bowels of the park. Joe Creason is a hilly park, with excellent paths. Lately, though, the Qs have stayed away from these areas, so I decided we’d go back. Mind you it’s dark, and the hill is severe. But I knew this Pax wouldn’t be scurred. So off we went.

No COP. Just right into it. We lined up single file down the hill, starting position of plank for a Bear Crawl Merkin Inchworm. Pax in the back bear crawls up the hill to the front while the planking Pax does AMRAP merkins. We each went to the front twice.

Short mosey to the area with the Pallets and Vals for a quick COP of:

Grass grabbers 15IC

Chain breakers 15 IC

Keep the circle for a modified Circle Burp. Each Val was placed on opposite sides of the circle. Pax with a Val would do a man maker, while the rest did a Burpee. But not until each Pax announced his F3 name and age. After the requisite exercise, box jump to your left for the next Pax to say his name and age, and then your exercise and box jump. Repeato 21 times. I hate box jumps. That means we’ll do them when I Q.

Being sufficiently warmed up, YHC asked the Pax to count off in 4s, then audibled to 5s for 5 four man (one five man) teams per pallet. Groups split in half with half the group going over yonder and the other half staying put. Pax in the groups would take turns pushing the pallet* across the lot to their waiting group members. Upon arrival, the delivering Pax would name an AMRAP exercise to be done while waiting for the pallet to come back. We did this for a while. I heard little chatter. Trump said he’d smelled burning wood. That, or souls. Hard to tell. And Trump would know the difference.

We set the pallets aside for another Circle Burp. This time box jumping to the right after hearing each Pax’s M’s name and 2.0 names (or significant other, etc). The workout was nearing the end so Tim Cup didn’t get to say all 50 of his 2.0s names.

After finishing another 19 Burpees and 2 weighted man makers, we lined the pallets up end to end (with some space), with the first and third holding a Val, for a Native American Push back to the flag. Basically each team pushed their pallet until YHC called hold; then the the team in front went to the back and each other team moved up a pallet until we got back. We stored the pallets, hopefully for future use, and moved back to the parking lot for a Mary Webb.

1:4 Big Boi Sit-ups and Flutter Kicks. We ended at 0615 OTD.

We circled up for a few announcements, which include:

  • Huggies – the newest F3 Louisville R*ucking Badass – is starting a weekly Ruck Training at the Posh on Fridays. This guy signed up two days before last week’s Tough and crushed it.
  • Popevergence this Saturday at the O. You can buy a Pope Tank Top via the link in Slack, and all proceeds go to the American Heart Association in Pope’s name.

I closed us out with some words. First, I recognized the accomplishment of the HIM that did the Tough this last Friday, particularly Huggies who signed up late. I also recognized the HIM that were in the Light with me, which was a ton of fun. According to legend, we all did well enough not to embarrass ourselves, which shows that this F3 thing is working. A good friend of mind says F3 is training for life. He’s 100% correct. Sometimes it may seem juvenile, vein, silly, mundane or just plain hard. But think of the good your doing for yourself, your family and your community, and you realize, it’s totally worth it.

Thank you for coming to the Carp this morning. I had a blast, and it’s because you were there.

CI out.

*This represents a Tank Top record at the Carpenter and, dare I say, for F3 Louisville.

*I’ve had some ask how this is accomplished. First, I stole this from F3 Bluegrass. By now, you know I’ve stolen pretty much everything good that I’ve done. But to do this, you bend at the waist, placing both hands securely on the top edge of the pallet and sled-push is across the pavement. This burns up the top of your thighs and makes your calves scream. It also creates a smokey finish, which you can say caused the tears.


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