County Back Blast 7/24/18

12 PAX got out to the County and got a little lesson from yours truly.  Back in the day I was recruited by Eastern State University; so I made a call to Coach Winters who brought Darnell Jefferson and Joe Kane.  Fortunately he left Lattimer in the weight room.  But don’t you worry Boozer was extremely excited when he learned he was going to be starting on defense.

Side Game – Darnell didn’t like being the only one that had to carry a football around so he brought one and if it touched the ground everyone did 5 Burpees.

Q:Uncle Rico

PAX: Matlock, Cochran, Sturridge, Meter Maid, Launch Pad (R), Viking, Momma’s Boy, Red Bull, Gilligan, Boozer, Bulletin (R)

Mosey with some High Knees, Carioca, and Butt Kicks


Arm Circles
Imperial Walkers
Cherry Pickers

Thang 1: Grab Coupons and Partner Up at the Playground
Partner 1 – Run to Bottom of Hill

R1 -Bear Crawl Up
R2- Lunge Up
R3 -Frog Jump Up

Partner 2

R1 – Pull Ups
R2 -21’s w/ coupons
R3 – Big Boy Sit Ups

Thang 2: Partner Up

Partner 1 – Run to Church,5 Burpees, Run Back
Partner 2
R1 – Merkins
R2 – American Hammers

Mosey to Flag

Captain Thor (1 Big Boy sit Up to 4 American Hammers; got to 10:40 ratio)
Gas Pumps – 10 on 10 off with final 20

Ended with intentions and announcements.  Thanks to those who came out.



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